6 Entertainment Options When in Barbados

Are you looking for things to do in Barbados? If yes, then there is so much you can do that you will only have the capacity to do some of it. The destination is filled with great locations full of history and activities to do. Whether it is windsurfing, strolling as you explore Bridgetown, visiting Hunte’s Gardens, seeing St. Nicholas Abbey, visiting Garrison Savannah Historic area, or going to Queen’s Park, you will have plenty to entertain yourself. Being adventurous will pay off as you will be able to discover a lot that you have never seen. Here are six entertainment options when in Barbados. 

1. Try Kitesurfing or Windsurfing

Silver Sands Beach that wraps around Barbados southern tip is a perfect location for windsurfing, especially between November and April when the winds are powerful. Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing has become a famous surfing activity in this region. The inner lagoon features flat water for you to train while the outer reef has high wind and waves. The beach has numerous beach shops where you can buy or rent surfing equipment. 

2. Walk Around the Historic Bridgetown

You can stroll through the center of the town where you can shop at Broad Street. You can also see stunning historical sites such as the neo-Gothic Parliament buildings and the Chamberlain Bridge, which have been constructed in the Victorian England high style. The town squares are lit with sun and filled with honorific statues of Nelson as well as other grand colonial figures. Bridgetown harbor has lively quays where small rum bars are filled with the chatter of off-duty local fisherman and travelers. The town is an ideal place to stroll and enjoy the Bajan atmosphere. 

3. Visit the Hunte’s Gardens

If you want to see the rich biodiversity that is in this tropical Caribbean, you must visit the Hunte’s Gardens. The gardens are owned by Anthony Hunte and aim to offer a fully-fledged sensory experience. You will get to view emerald-green explosions of fern, blooming orchid flowers, yellow-tipped craboo trees, and looming palm twigs. You can walk the winding nurseries and paths, spotting extraordinary flowers and relaxing while classical compositions drift through the canopies and trunks. 

4. St. Nicholas Abbey

You can see the majestic St. Nicholas Abbey’s Jacobean facades in Northern Barbados by heading through the palm groves and green fields that are East of Moore Hill. This heritage site is one of the only three of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. It goes back to the 1600s when sugarcane was initially planted and harvested on the central house’s fields. While St. Nicholas Abbey has been turned into a museum site, the crop is still being cultivated. Each ticket you buy has access to the stunning avenues of nearby Cherry Tree Hill and a rum punch cocktail. 

5. Garrison Savannah Historic Area

Garrison Savannah is a short distance from central Bridgetown on the island’s southern side. You can entertain yourself with sporting action and medley of history in this place. This UNESCO World Heritage Site hosts buildings such as the George Washington House, where the first President of the US took refuge in the 1750s. You will also see a series of destroyed fort buildings and barracks used by the British. But the center stage of this site is the Garrison racetrack. At this place, the wealthy landowners of Barbados once raced their horses, and these competitions continue today. Regular race days are present between January and April. 

6. Queen’s Park

Visit the Queen’s Park at the center of Bridgetown to see the vast trunk of the biggest tree in Barbados. The tree is considered to be the fattest in the Caribbean and takes 15 individuals to stretch out the entire circumference of the main branch. You will see a small sign with data about the heritage and age of the great tree. The lawns in the park are beautiful and grand. The surrounding park gardens host an art gallery and a beautiful Bandstand. 


Barbados offers a variety of entertainment options for both tourists and locals. You are assured of something to do while you are on vacation in this rich, exceptional destination. 

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