6 Great Baby Gift Ideas for First Time Parents

Everyone is happy for the parents-to-be. Eventually, the baby showers will begin and you’ll want to find something for them that will be special and very useful, especially since this will be their first baby. Handmade gifts from the heart are always appreciated. But if you don’t have the time or the skills, here are six suggestions that will be very helpful to the new mom and dad.

What to Expect the First Year by Heidi Murkoff

If they don’t yet have this book, make sure to get them a copy. The “What to Expect” series has become essential reading for parents. This one may tell them things that others have forgotten to share. Reading this book will prepare them for any number of events that may be heartwarming, funny or a few things that might otherwise alarm them. This book is organized month by month, but also reminds parents that all babies develop at their own pace. Every parent should have this book to guide them from Day 1 to Day 365 of their baby’s first year.

Diaper Service

If the new parents have decided they want to use cloth diapers instead of disposables, paying for a month or two of their chosen service will be a wonderful gift. Although each service has its own unique procedures, what they do offer is a weekly home delivery of diapers.

The parents will be provided with a hamper or special bag where they can dispose of the soiled diapers and wipes – no washing or rinsing. They will leave the hamper in an arranged place outside their house the night before the scheduled delivery each week. The driver will collect the soiled diapers and leave the fresh ones.

Wireless Baby Monitor

It will be a great comfort to have a system that allows them to look in on their little one while he’s asleep, but not risk waking him. A baby monitor, with a long-range of up to 450 feet will gives mom and dad a chance to relax downstairs or outside on the porch, yet still, keep a watchful eye on their child.

A wireless baby monitor has a clear two-way audio and video screen. The audio will allow the parents to hear if their baby is restless or already wide awake. Many of them are able to play lullabies which may keep their child comforted during bedtime.

Diaper Bags for Men

Dad’s love to take their children out for walks or on all kinds of excursions. Of course, when the baby goes out, so do a lot of special supplies, all of which usually fit inside a diaper bag. One man wasn’t looking forward to carrying a pastel bag covered in roses or bunnies. So he designed something that reflected his own style. As Forbes wrote about some of the designs, this guy produced an “edgy” diaper bag.

Diaper Dude has been creating stylish diaper bags with men in mind since his first child was born. They’re a popular option for many moms, as well. These diaper bags come in messenger bags, backpacks or tote bags. They run from solid colors with a professional look to camouflage or skulls. No matter the style, each bag has a changing pad and plenty of space for diapers, wipes and bottles. Anything that moms carry in their pastel bags will fit into a Diaper Dude Diaper Bag.

K’Tan Baby Carrier

There are many benefits to ‘babywearing’ for mom, dad and for the baby. Baby K’Tan makes a very simple-to-use carrier. In fact, it might be called a baby wrap that needs no wrapping. Instead, there is a double sling system that holds the baby snug and secure. This baby carrier allows you to work around the house, or in the office. The web page has lots of instructions for putting on the sling and positioning the baby. From the “Kangaroo Position” in the first months of life to the “Adventure Position”, a baby carrier’s functions increase as the baby grows.

Wearing your baby makes for a quicker bonding time; it helps to regulate his body temperature and decreases crying. If the mother is nursing, it provides a comfortable and convenient surrounding for the baby. Baby K’Tan is certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, so parents can feel assured of their babies safety.

Beaba Babycook Cloud Dream Cooker & Blender

New parents are very discerning about what their little ones eat. So when their baby begins to eat solid foods, this gift will allow them to prepare her food with carefully chosen ingredients. Babycook products were designed to allow parents the ability to prepare healthy, homemade dishes for their babies and toddlers in 15 minutes.

Raw foods are steam-heated to produce healthy food including fish, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables. Meals for their babies will be fresh, and so save parents the hassle of spending lots of dollars on hundreds of jars of baby food.

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