6 Great Ways to Show Appreciation to Military Veterans

Our nation’s military is truly the defending line between our freedom and sovereignty and the potential ill-will of any force in the world. Our veterans are those who have done their duty bravely serving in this respect and are now subject to the stand-down of a plain, civilian existence. If you are like the many who enjoy showing our veterans some much-deserved appreciation, there are many ways in which to successfully do just that. For those unsure as to the best way to go about putting that appreciation on display, here are six great ideas to help get you started.

1- Targeted Philanthropy

Philanthropy is simply a fancy term representing the act of being charitable. By targeting your philanthropic efforts to a specific cause, such as military vets, you can be much more sure that your efforts and donations go most directly to your intended recipient. While vets do benefit indirectly from various community causes, to best benefit them directly, consider getting in touch with an official veterans organization. There are many great organizations dedicated just to this particular cause.

2- Holiday Observance

When first contemplating the giving of appreciation to our nation’s veterans, many don’t realize that there are actually a number of official holidays built into the American calendar and designated for that exact, commemorative purpose. These include national as well as minor holidays such as Patriot Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Armed Forces Day, and Remembrance Day just to name a few. Take part in flag-laying at a military cemetery, be in a commemorative parade, or even make a pilgrimage to a monument or veterans event on that special day. By doing so, you’re certainly displaying your appreciation and at a time ceremoniously marked on the calendar for just that purpose.

3- Personalized Gift-Giving

The giving of personalized gifts serves as another great and creative outlet for veteran appreciation-giving. Try buying that vet close to you dinner or a box of donuts just to say thank you. A gift certificate or even a paid-for newspaper subscription can say “thank you” on a special day or even an entirely random one. Some additional gift ideas of a potentially personalized nature here can also include:
• Pen Sets
Challenge Coins
• Plaques
• Custom-Made Songs
• Artwork
• Scrapbooks, Photo Albums
• Pet Gifts

4- Write a Letter

Yet another great way to give back to today’s veteran comes by way of an ages-old communication technique – the handwritten letter. While the sincerity of such a letter should always remain consistently true, the target recipients and letter intentions can vary greatly based on your exact goals. Write to a random veteran or one in your family, and thank them for their time in the service. Write to a veterans organization and provide thanks and encouragement. Send a letter to your congressman in support of veterans supports throughout the community and country. In the end, handwritten letters can be quite resonating.

5- Support the Greater Cause

Patriotism and the call of duty are what ultimately bond all veterans, no matter their color, age, sex, or other differences. It is also this same fundamental ingredient that so many veterans and active-duty service-members respond passionately to today. As a result, anyone can tap into this cost-free element and thus gain a sense of relation to as well as provide appreciation for those who have served. Patriotism can come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and taking a visible part in it only serves to pay an appreciative nod to those in the service of those very same principles.

6- Ask a Veteran

Finally, perhaps one of the most effective ways to show appreciation and respect is simply by asking a veteran. Ask them how you could best show your appreciation to all vets. Ask what it is that vets desire most but have a hard time getting. By investing so personally, you’ve already shown your appreciation in a remarkably direct and sincere way. Going a step further and pursuing the ideas gleaned here is even greater.

The countless veterans of the US Military certainly deserve all of our respect and appreciation. The sacrifices made in the terms of such duty can be quite great and lasting for anyone. In the spirit of gratitude to those who have already given to us, these are just a few ways to go about saying “thank you” in return.

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