6 Home Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Do This Summer

The summer season features a lot of heat and dust, which means you need to do a lot of maintenance in your house. You need to ensure that your home is constantly clean, safe, and equipment are working properly. Here are six home maintenance tips that every homeowner needs to do this summer. 

1. Clean the Carpets

If anyone in your family has allergies, summer is the peak season for them. This is thanks to ragweed that covers a large area of the US. Your soft furnishings like carpets, upholstery, and area rugs will trap allergens, which makes them affect you with sneezes. Based on the size of the traffic in every room, your carpets require being cleaned every half to full year. This is according to Chem-Dry, a carpet cleaning firm. Begin by doing regular vacuum cleaning with a machine that has a three-stage HEPA filter. Unlike conventional vacuums that expel allergens and dust back into your space as you clean, machines with HEPA filters are made to trap about 99.7 percent of all small particles. If you are looking to do your own cleaning, get a machine designed for the specific task. Otherwise, you can call the professionals.

2. Clear Your Decks

Regular decks that are not made of costly synthetic wood normally weather and appear ugly in a short while. But slight maintenance can ensure this does not happen. So, sweep and scrub your porches, decks, and patios around your home. Utilize a putty knife in clearing out spaces between boards, cracks, and crevices. Remember to apply a new layer of sealer or stain and hammer down all nailheads that are not level with the surface of the deck.

3. Conduct an Audit of Your Home Security

Since everyone is moving during the summer season, most criminals are looking to steal from homes. Prevent the theft of your home by ensuring your home is safe. You can ensure you install motion-detection gadgets that work during night and day. At night you can also use a conventional digital or analog timer to turn your lights on in numerous different places of your home. 

4. Keep the Lawn Green

In numerous parts of the US, the summer season is the driest, and your green lawn can turn brown and weedy quickly. Weeds normally infest your lawns when the grass is stressed from heat and drought. They steal nutrients and moisture, which adds extra stress to the lawn and its plants. You can maintain your lawn by putting a 3-inch mulch layer around the gardens and trees to lock in moisture and avoid the growth of weed. During the mowing of your lawn, be sure cut evenly and not too short. Taller grass assists in crowding out weeds. Then comprehend the watering periods. If the grass has been mowed short throughout the season, frequent watering is critical. In case you are watering during drought, ensure you water intensely and less regularly. Regular watering encourages short grassroots, which makes the grass to stress during summer.

5. Deep-Clean the Fridge

Deep clean your fridge to ensure smooth operation during summer. Use a vacuum attachment or coil brush to clean the condenser coil of your refrigerator. This eliminates pet hair, food remnants, and dirt. When the coils are dirty, the fridge works harder to cool, which leads to expensive repairs, unless you have a home warranty in place. You can then utilize water and dish detergent to wipe down the interior surface of the fridge and eradicate stuck foods. 

6. Clean the Blinds and Windows

The rains that happen during the spring result in dirty windows, which need cleaning. You also need to clean the blinds for allergens and spores. You can use warm water with detergent and a sponge to clean reachable windows. You can also wrap some rags around a tong pair before securing them with rubber bands. Now use the tongs to clean dust from the blinds by clamping them on the blinds and dragging them across. 


Whether it is conducting a home security audit, cleaning the fridge, or any other tip on this list, you are sure to have your home safe for your whole family. Your sensitive children will not experience any allergies, and your property will be safe from burglars.

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