6 Important Reasons To Make Your Van Handicap Accessible

A handicap accessible van is one that has been modified in order to accommodate a wheelchair. It may also have a power lift or wheelchair ramp in order to make it easier for people to get in the van. There are a variety of ways that a van can be made handicap accessible.

For example, the manufacturer may remove a portion of the floor. They may also modify the seating. Additionally, the fuel lines and gas lines may be modified. There are several reasons that you should make your van handicap accessible.

Easy to get in and Out

Traveling is already difficult if you have a disability. However, if a van is handicap accessible, then it will be easier for people to get in and out of the van. The vans are designed to accommodate people who are in wheelchairs.

You will not have to worry about folding or unfolding the wheelchair. You can have a ramp or lift installed in order to conveniently and safely get a person into the vehicle. Not only will it be easier for people to get in the van but it will also be easier for the caregivers to get them in the vehicle. They will not have to worry about bending and lifting the person.

Safe Driving

Handicap accessible vans are not just for passengers. They are also for drivers. A van can be modified so that a person with a disability can drive it. For example, manufacturers can put the controls for the gas and brake on the steering wheel. There are also clamps that can be used to hold down the wheelchair while a person is driving.

This allows a handicapped person to have more independence. They will be able to run errands without having to rely on their family members and friends.


It can be challenging for caregivers and passengers to travel if the van is not handicap accessible. Caregivers who have to get the person in and out of the van may suffer from back and arm pain. These issues can be eliminated with ramps and lifts. Furthermore, the ride will be more comfortable because the passenger can stay in the wheelchair.

Can Transport Multiple Passengers

Most handicap accessible vans are designed to transport two wheelchairs at one time. These types of vans can easily transport 9 to 12 people at one time. That is why handicap accessible vans are ideal for people who have families.


Handicap accessible vans will help people get to their destinations safely. Every van is rigorously tested before it is available to the public. It undergoes several crash tests. The manufacturers also ensure that the van meets the guidelines that are set by the insurance industry and federal government.

Financing Options are Available

It will cost several thousand dollars to convert your van. The cost can deter people from getting a van. However, there are a variety of financing options available. For example, you may be able to get help from Medicaid or Medicare. There are also charities that can help you.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that the quality of your life will improve if you make your van handicap accessible. This will make the money that you invest well worth it.

A handicap accessible van will make life better in a number of ways. These vans are comfortable and are easy to get in and out. They also make it possible for a person to safely drive if they have a disability. A handicap accessible van can be used to transport multiple people. Additionally, there are financing options available.

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