6 Innovative Ideas for Stepping Up Your Child’s Fundraising

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Are you looking to support a fundraising event for your kid? If yes, then here are six innovative ideas for stepping up your child’s fundraising

1. Social Media

Today nearly everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Many of these people have extra money that they can willingly contribute towards a good course. Therefore, come up with a nonprofit Facebook Event that features all the required information and links for registration. Then be sure to post updates at least once a week before the event. You can post items for auction, stories on the impact of the event, sneak peeks of the venue, shout-outs to those who volunteered, and questions or engaging content to the audience. 

Also, create a concise and unique hashtag for the event to allow followers to track tweets that are related to the event in real time. Include images of the flyer or last year’s event in your tweet to stand out. On LinkedIn, you can leverage networking and group posts to find people who are interested in contributing to your child’s fundraising. You can join a local group and post an invitation as well as essential updates regarding the event. Finally, don’t forget to create an Instagram account. Be sure to follow people with a common interest update pictures of the flyers, participants, and more. Also, comment and like other people’s pictures to generate interest in your page. 

2. Cupcake Wars

A cupcake war is a competition for the best cupcake baker. This is ideal since all age groups can participate to win a prize. It will generate a lot of money through registration, which will contribute to your child’s fundraising amount. You can have people vote for their best treat through placing some cash beside the cupcake they liked most. The individual who makes the cupcakes with the highest contributions wins. 

3. Local Clubs and Events

Your community possibly has some sporting events, festivals, community events, and more that can provide you a chance to attract attention to your child’s event. But first, you need to put forward your event to be posted on the community calendar of the city. Then look up the calendar on the website of the municipality. Now utilize the calendar and your connections to find other local events where you can quickly advertise your child’s fundraising event. In case of a sporting event, find the public address system and make an announcement. If you find the local Rotary Club or other institutions, request for a minute to ask people to attend your child’s event and give out flyers. In case you find special interest groups related to your child’s fundraising, you will likely get more guests. 

4. Matching Gifts

Matching gifts are an excellent way to step up your child’s fundraising. You can have people fill out some forms so that donors can enjoy the benefit of the corporate philanthropy of their employer to allow for matching of their gifts. You can look up online databases such as Double the Donation to get matching gifts program and get the information to those who support you. The benefit of this is that donors don’t require spending more. They just need to request a matching of their gifts from their employer. 

5. Face Painting

As a way to increase the donations for your child’s fundraising, you can have a face painting station for children. You will need an artistic volunteer to paint the kids, some face paint, and brushes. You can then create a fixed price for the face painting, and allow the children to select their designs. Then have a separate jar for the donations so that parents can contribute more if they wish. 

6. Pictures with Santa

Since families enjoy the tradition of taking photos with Santa during the Christmas holiday, this can be a good idea. You can get a volunteer with good photography skills and another who can dress as Santa. Then let people in the neighborhood know that they can support your course by participating in the photo session as opposed to going to the mall. 


There are many innovative ideas that you can implement to support your child’s fundraising event. However, these six ideas will surely be a step up.

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