6 Landscaping Problems Gabions Will Solve

When it comes to creating a killer landscape, it’s all about working with the existing land. Talk with any landscaper out there and they have a list of common problems they run into. Each problem with have a list of potential solutions that will go along with it, each one depending on the actual features of the landscape in question. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the common problems that the gabion can solve for your next landscaping project.

1- Unclear Boundary Lines

While your intent may not be to shut out the neighbors, it can be helpful creating boundary lines so that both of you know where your property starts and ends. Gabions can be a great way to craft an outdoor boundary without a large expense, like a retaining wall. When you think about boundaries, they don’t just have to be your property lines either. You can use gabions to indicate boundaries for potential hazards on the property or to protect boundaries around water sources. 

2- Sloped Yards

While we all would love to have a nice flat landscape that is easy to maintain, that’s not always possible. The terrain around us can possess many hills and slopes that come along with living in the area that we wish to be. To help with sloping yards, gabions can be utilized as a type of cheap retaining wall. Due to their ease of construction, gabions can be created to fit any size landscape and slope. Depending on the steepness of the landscape, you may opt for multiple levels of gabions to help soften the landscape as well as protect against soil erosion in particular spots.

3- Left Over Rocky Material

There are many home projects that involve ripping up the existing landscape. This could mean an excess of rocky material left over once the project is complete. This type of material is typically difficult to get rid of. Many trash centers will only take a small amount at a time. This could really hinder the overall deadline of the project. Gabions are a great solution to deal with this excess rocky material. Since they can be sported anywhere on a landscape, they can be simply filled with the rocky material and adorned as a regular part of the landscaping design for the home.

4- Soil Erosion

Rainwater can present a disastrous problem for your landscape. When the soil erodes, it not only creates washed out areas with no soil, but it can create excess soils in other areas of your landscape. Gabions are a great construct to deal with the battle of the soil erosion in your lawn due to their ability to let water flow freely through them. Since the water isn’t trapped, the soil particles won’t get washed away with the water as they follow downhill. Gabions are a great natural solution that can bring a stunning look to your landscape and secretly protect your lawn against soil erosion problems.

5- Cheaper Alternative to Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are structures that use concrete blocks, boulders, or treated timbers. These are typically used to protect against soil erosion, create a solid structure, and to be visually appealing to the overall landscape. While retaining walls are commonly used, they can get very expensive depending on the materials that you choose to build them with. Gabions are a great inexpensive alternative to the retaining wall. They can be utilized for the same purposes, but at a much cheaper cost to you. 

6- Loud Noises

If you live next to a busy highway, it’s likely that you can hear the traffic long into the night. This can be irritating for any homeowner. To get some peace and quiet, you can use a gabion wall to drown out the noisy sounds. The sound barrier quality that you will receive will highly depend on the specific rocky material that you utilize inside of the gabion’s metal structure. 

Gabions are a new type of landscaping component that is being utilized more and more in the residential industry as well as the commercial sectors. These provide a great solution to many of the common landscaping problems that you may face on a regular basis. Since gabions are able to be manually constructed to fit any landscape and utilize any materials you desire, they’re a great option to always consider for your very own landscaping needs.

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