6 Non-Traditional Treatment Options for Migraines

Migraines are something much more than a headache. For some people, it is like a lifetime sentence of occasional or chronic headaches together with other unpleasant symptoms. While traditional medication can soothe the pain, the alternative approach to healing migraines can give results that last instead of treating symptoms as they come.

Management of Stress

Stress and tension are a big trigger for an episode of migraines. In fact, migraines seem to stem from chronic stress and accompany it. Stress can be treated in many different ways. One way is working with a psychologist to solve any unresolved issues that you might have in any area of your life. Making the correct lifestyle changes can also do away with stress and give you the capacity to handle everyday situations in a calm manner. Less stress is associated with better health and fewer episodes of migraine headaches. Stress management completely eradicates migraines for some.


Acupuncture is part of the ancient Chinese medicine that views the body as a system of energetic channels. According to it, pain and health problems like migraines are caused by energetic imbalances. Acupuncture uses small needles to stimulate or release tension from various points in the body. During acupuncture sessions, the brain is stimulated to release different chemicals and hormones to the body. The great news is that the effects of acupuncture treatment are long-lasting or permanent.


Herbs have been used since the dawn of time for treating various illnesses. Even contemporary medicines derive many of their substances from plants. For migraines, there are a couple of herbs that help ease the headache and treat the problem with regular use. Some renowned plants for migraine treatment include feverfew and butterbur. Have in mind that the taking of herbs has its precautions and doses, so always consult with a qualified practitioner before turning to herbal remedies.


Breathing in wonderful aromas may not seem like a legitimate way of treating migraines. Contrary to this belief, aromatherapy is a proven modality of treatment for various health conditions through the connection of the brain to our senses. The essential oils used in aromatherapy are extracted from plants. Their scent and antiseptic properties affect the way that you perceive pain. They also release tension and can be used to relax the body when massaged into the skin.


Your diet makes up a large part of your life choices. Changes in diet show improvements in health for all kinds of conditions. This includes migraines. Take notice of what kinds of foods trigger migraine headaches, and try to cut them out of your diet as much as possible. For many, foods like cheese, chocolate and alcohol tend to worsen or trigger headaches. For others, it might be gluten. Tailor your diet in a way that you will feel great after eating.


Massaging the whole body or the area around the neck and head gives instant relief to migraines. Because migraines are often offset by tension in the head and neck area, the relief of the tension can prevent a migraine. If you visit the massage therapist regularly or have someone massage you at home, you will feel more relaxed overall so you do not have to experience the migraine that comes as a result of tension.

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