6 Signs that Marriage Counseling is Right For You

Sometimes it is obvious when your marriage is on the rocks. For example, most people realize a happy marriage is not plagued with constant shouting matches. There are other behaviors and tendencies that threaten your marriage as well, but these issues are often unaddressed. Discover some of the more subtle signs that you and your spouse could benefit from marriage counseling.

1. You Feel Like Roommates Instead of Lovers

Life can get pretty hectic when you toss in children, jobs, responsibilities and bills. We have all been there. When you let life get in the way too much, you may notice you and your spouse no longer engage in conversation or set aside special time for just the two of you.

This leads to poor communication and may make you feel as though you are drifting apart. A marriage counselor has the skills to help you all uncover the root cause of the shift and help realign your relationship.

2. Repetitious Arguments

It is like a never-ending nightmare when you and your spouse constantly bicker over the same issues. Quite possibly either you or your partner may have pet peeves that drive you up the wall. However, your spouse does not comprehend why you go off like a loose cannon if they happen to leave the shower curtain open.

If it is not the shower curtain, whatever issue it is you have you can insert it there. The point is a marriage counselor can help you both understand why your pet peeves are such triggers so you can resolve the issues.

3. Financial Inequality

When you and your spouse took vows, essentially you agreed to become one, which means “my” money now becomes “our” money. Neither partner should be in total control of the finances unless that is the mutual agreement between you two. Similarly, neither partner should spend money secretively to keep their spouse unaware of their purchases.

There should be an open platform in your relationship for both of you to feel comfortable to discuss the monthly bills to understand the family finances. If either of you is unwilling to do so, a marriage counselor can help mediate the situation because money is a touchy subject.

4. Drug Abuse

You or your spouse may regularly indulge in illegal drugs to get high or drink alcohol to become intoxicated. Regardless of the poison you select, they both function to alter your psychological state. You should be able to be sober around your partner and still enjoy their company.

If you all can only bear each other’s presence while under the influence, marriage counseling can provide insight into why the abuse began and continues. You all can do a joint session, or the addicted partner can have individual sessions.

5. You No Longer Make Love

A nearly nonexistent sex life is a clear sign that your marriage may need some help. Granted there will be times when you may not have sex as often, but there should still be a desire and commitment to physically love each other.

Contrastingly, you all may be having sex, but it is rather rehearsed and distant. A marriage counselor can help you and your spouse reignite your sex lives through sex therapy.

6. Tip-Toeing around Conversations

The pet peeves mentioned earlier are often enough to make you completely avoid bringing those topics up in conversation. This method is ineffective, however, because there may be numerous issues, which makes conversation virtually impossible.

No longer communicating and conversing may open the door to emotional affairs, which could eventually progress to full-blown affairs. Seeking the help of a marriage counselor will allow you all to work through the issues to improve your marriage. You all will have a neutral ground to gently approach your issues without the harshness you would probably both exhibit at home.

Every marriage has disagreements and scuffles, but recurrent issues that cause a shift in the dynamic of your relationship could be a warning sign. Seeking out a marriage counselor to intervene will give you all new approaches to your problems and hopefully help you reach resolutions.

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