6 Surprising Hacks When Buying Vintage Clothing

“Mad Men” is just one of the shows set in another era that led to an increase in the popularity of vintage clothing. Men and women alike love the way clothing from previous times highlight their bodies and fit. Before you go crazy searching for vintage clothing online, check out some tips on how to find the best pieces.

1- Shop Thrift Stores

Shopping from thrift stores can feel frustrating because you never know what you might find. You can hit multiple stores in your city and still not find any clothing that flatters you because you went to the wrong stores. Before you decide to shop online, check out just a few more thrift shops. As these stores sell donated items, they offer clothing at lower prices than you will find online.

2- Stick to the Classics

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need to buy every vintage piece that you see or that you need to purchase clothing from a specific area. Smart vintage shoppers stick to the classics. These are pieces that look just as good today as they did when first made and pieces that will flatter your skin and body for years to come. Avoid clothing that is too tight or doesn’t fit properly and anything that you aren’t sure you’ll ever wear in real life.

3- Look at Condition

The overall condition of a vintage piece plays a key role in its value. Even those who buy clothing to resell sometimes think that they can fix pieces and wind up donating those items back to thrift stores. You can use the natural light to see if the clothing has any repairs or damage. Some shops deliberately limit the amount of light that shines inside the store and turn off overhead lights to hide any repairs that can reduce the value of the item. Getting close to the light helps you view the general condition of the clothing.

4- Check for Stains

Many newbie vintage shoppers think that they can get rid of stains on their own or with the help of a professional dry cleaner. Some of the stains that you see on vintage clothing will not come out and are the reason that the original owner donated those pieces in the first place. Yellow stains in the armpits are sweat stains that won’t come out. You also want to avoid clothing with yellow or brown stains that are extremely hard to remove.

5- Compare Measurements

Even if you wear a size six today, you won’t necessarily wear a size six vintage dress. Measurements changed quite a bit over the years to the point where a size six today might equate to a size 12 or even 16 from another era. It’s impossible to use men’s sizing for the same reason. You can use a flexible tape measure to get your measurements before shopping online. Compare your exact measurements to those listed on the item to make sure that it will fit your body.

6- Visit on Restocking Day

When checking out thrift stores in your city, don’t be afraid to ask when the shop restocks. While some stores restock merchandise every Monday before the store opens for the week, others restock the shelves on a specific day later in the week. That is why you may not see much clothing up for sale at the beginning of the week. Some stores will add more merchandise onto the floor as space becomes available, which means that you’ll want to check back daily. Check the specials that the store runs too. Most thrift stores today use tags in different colors on merchandise and puts 10% or more off those items on select days.

Vintage clothing can make you look like you just stepped out of another era, but you can mix and match that clothing with a few modern pieces to create a look that is right on trend. To avoid looking fussy or like you tried too hard, you really want to stick with classic pieces that will never go out of style and pieces that fit your body perfectly. With some tips for vintage shopping, you can easily find the best clothing to flatter your body type and skin tone.

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