6 Things to Know About Rechargeable Batteries

With the increased use of mobile devices in this technological error, rechargeable batteries have become more popular than in the past. More people are relying on rechargeable batteries as a source of energy for their devices. However, several people don’t know much about these batteries save for the fact that they are popularly used these days to save on cost. Well, this article sheds light on things you need to know about rechargeable batteries.

1- Rechargeable batteries don’t last forever.

Rechargeable batteries are great, but just like several other things; they don’t have a long life. Several factors affect the lifespan of a rechargeable battery and its performance in the long-run such as storage conditions, the battery’s age, and the number of discharge or charge cycles. You must have heard people say that they are lucky that their battery lasts for over 40 minutes. Chemically, Lithium-ion that is present in these batteries usually loses its ability to retain charge after some time. In fact, storing your battery in a place with high temperatures accelerates its aging process, so you should ensure that you store the battery in a cool, dry place. Also, the more times you use the battery, the more it loses its ability to store charge. It is also advisable to first charge the rechargeable battery before storing it or putting it back in your camera.

2- Pay attention to how you store rechargeable batteries.

You should avoid leaving your batteries out of the camera. You can only do that when the protective contact cap covers the exposed contact terminals. Also, you should not leave the batteries in your pockets even if it is not charged. The battery becomes hot within seconds especially when shorted out by metallic objects such as keys. Storage for your rechargeable batteries is crucial when you are traveling. In fact, most airlines have security measures that restrict people from carrying excess lithium-ion batteries or uncover batteries as you travel by air.

3- Pay attention to what you buy.

Always remember that you get what you pay for, and rechargeable batteries are not an exemption. You are not guaranteed the best battery when you purchase a cheap one. The effectiveness of a battery is measured using the MaH rating. Therefore, if your camera uses 1250 MaH battery and you find a good deal for an 850 MaH, then you will end up with a third of the rating. Also, the life of the battery could be less by about half. Besides, some brands don’t work on devices such as cameras. Most manufacturers embed chips in their batteries to ensure that only the battery and charger will function together.

4- Choose the right batteries.

You can only select the right batteries after you have come up with a list of electronics and the batteries that they require. You should choose the highest capacity batteries for electronic devices such as portable fans, wireless microphones, and flash units. High-drain devices will function well than before when high-capacity batteries handle them. It is also advisable to select rechargeable batteries with the highest recycles, which you can tell by checking the reputation of a brand. The primary reason for buying rechargeable batteries is to save on cost. Therefore, the more the recycles, the more you save on costs.

5- Recycle rechargeable batteries when done.

Lithium-ion batteries are dangerous and hazardous to the environment. Lithium-ion is a nasty and heavy metal liquid that can be flammable and has the potential to explode when it is holding a charge. The liquid is also caustic. Therefore, refrain from burning, attempting to separate the parts, or puncturing them because the danger associated with their burns is a reality. The injuries can be in the form of chemical or fire, and both of them are severe because they can sometimes cause death. Therefore, you should call companies that dispose of old batteries to pick your old rechargeable battery rather than trying to destroy them by yourself.

6- Maximizing your recharging system.

The proper battery charger is essential for your rechargeable batteries. You don’t want to waste your money by using the wrong charger on the battery because it will ultimately damage it. When buying a charger for the battery, you need to know if you need a high capacity centralized charging unit, a universal charging unit, or several portable units. Most users usually buy a charger that has the combination of both units.

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