6 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Boston

Boston is a beautiful city that’s full of history and significant people. However, if you’re planning on moving to Boston, there are plenty of things you should know beforehand. From parking your car to its horrible winters, here are six things you should know before planning your move to Boston this year.

  1. History Galore

If you’re a history lover, you’re going to fall in love with Boston. The city is filled with venues and historic landmarks dedicated to the American Revolution and Colonial Era. This includes the Boston Tea Party, Bunker Hill, the Boston Massacre, and the USS Constitution, not to mention, some of our founding fathers, like Paul Revere and Samuel Adams. Also, there’s a specially designed trail that takes tourists through all the historic sites in the form of red bricks, called The Freedom Trail.

  1. Vehicle Parking

Traffic in Boston is terrible, and the parking is even worse, so if you can get along without a car, you are better off. The city has a fairly reliable transit system called the “t,” and you can always use MBTA buses which come on a recurring schedule. However, if you’re looking for more adventure to work, Boston also has a boat taxi that will take you across the Charles River. Driving in Boston is challenging, not to mention finding a decent parking spot. So, if you don’t drive now, we suggest holding off when you move to Boston and instead just use the MBTA system.

  1. Nearby Colleges

Boston is one of the largest college towns in the nation. Surrounding the city are Newton and Cambridge, which are home to universities like Harvard, MIT, Boston College, Tufts, Boston University, Northeastern, and Emerson. Because of this, you can expect to see a lot of students around the city.

  1. Bostonians’ Attitude

Boston is also famous for its no-nonsense attitude. Although Bostonians usually come off as gruff individuals, they’re often also sarcastic and friendly. Even though they may seem to be hiding in a hard, dark shell of emotions, Bostonians are courteous, as long as you talk to them after they get their daily dose of coffee.

  1. Savage Winters

Boston winters are known to be notoriously rough. With freezing temperatures and feet of snow, Boston weather is not for the faint of heart. This does, however, provide plenty of opportunities to have some winter fun. An easy solution to this is hitting the slopes during the winter in Maine or Vermont, which are fairly close by. If you’re not into skiing, you can always hand out at the ski lodge enjoying warm hot cocoa and food with your friends.

  1. Dunkin’ Donuts is Everywhere

Boston runs on Dunkins. Although there are plenty of Starbucks around Boston, it’s nothing compared to the number of Dunkin Donuts locations. The first Dunkins coffee shop was started in Boston after WWII. If you prefer, there are still plenty of mom and pop coffee shops around, especially in the city. However, Bostonians still love their Dunks!

No matter what kind of opinion we can toss at you for knowing before you move to Boston, it’s a great city to live, nonetheless. Even if the driving is crazy and the people who live there are not always the most pleasant to talk to, it’s the experience of a lifetime and heaven for history buffs. Hopefully, our guide hasn’t made you think Boston is an unpleasant place to live because it really isn’t. If you do plan on moving there, we wish you the best of luck!

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