6 Tips for Catering Your Corporate Events

Work is serious and challenging, but every now and then it’s also a cause for celebration. What’s necessary at every celebration? Food! When you’re in charge of catering a corporate event, you may feel overwhelmed. Here are 6 tips to plan a great catered corporate event that your boss and the guests will all enjoy. 

1. Stick to a budget

Before you start looking for a caterer, you have to establish a budget. It’s important to be realistic without going overboard. Look into similar events to see what they cost. Also, look for ways to reduce cost without looking cheap. For example, you can put work into decorating the venue yourself instead of hiring someone to do it. 

2. Provide entertainment

You may imagine your corporate event as a cocktail party where people mingle and talk before and after the meal, but sometimes these cocktail parties can be boring. Don’t let your event be boring! Hire a DJ, a band, or even a magician to give people something to do and talk about throughout the night. 

3. Get the most accurate head count possible

When you are responsible for the budget of a corporate event, you don’t want to spend more on food than you have to. To ensure you don’t have waste (or even worse, not enough food), it’s important to communicate with your team to determine how many people will be there. 
Start by asking people to respond to the invitation to the event. Gently explain the importance of the RSVP in the e-mail to encourage people to actually respond. It’s also important for people to tell you if they plan to bring a plus one. As the date gets closer, be sure to remind people to respond with whether they will be there or not. 
Total up the number of people who responded will be at the event and be sure to plan for a couple of extra people just in case. 

4. Get food everyone will enjoy

The biggest problem with catering a large corporate event is making everyone happy. There are a large number of different dietary tastes and restrictions you need to accommodate. Be sure to have options for people with the following diets:

  • gluten-free
  • low fat
  • low sugar
  • organic
  • vegan
  • vegetarian

You also want to have plenty of food for people who enjoy meat and options with a lot of sugar and calories. Keep in mind that you have to have a little something for everyone. 
While you want to have food for everyone, it’s also a good idea to know your employees. You can learn what options are favorites around the office by sending polls via e-mail. 

5. Offer a bar

Just because it’s a corporate event doesn’t mean that the event has to be boring! Feel free to offer a bar. If you want to control the amount that people drink, offer every person one or two drink tickets. You can even look for a company that will supply the bar but the employees must buy their own drinks. Still, having a bar helps remind people that it’s a celebration. 

6. Choose the right caterer

The caterer you choose for your event will determine its success. Vet the caterer by reading reviews and looking for an established record of good work. When you do find a good caterer, develop a relationship so you know who to call for your next event. 

When it’s time to celebrate, you want the setting to be just right. With the right caterer and the right food, you are sure to be asked to plan the next event, too. 

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