6 Tips for Enjoying Your Beach Vacation

Beaches are some of the world’s most beautiful places. Many people love the opportunity to take some time each summer and spend time on the sand listening to the ocean tides go in and out. If you’re planning a beach vacation of your own, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible before you leave. Details like a place to sit in the shade, toys for the kids to play with and a well-packed lunch make any beach vacation even more delightful.

A Place to Sit

Some hotels and other types of beaches provide seating for their guests. If you’re staying at a private beach, they may have chairs you can lug to the stretch of sand in front of you. If they don’t, you’ll want to come to the beach with your own seating in hand. There are lots of different choices. A blanket is lightweight and easy to pack but it can get sandy easily. beach chairs are convenient and inexpensive. Consider buying one for every member of your family.

Bring Toys

Even toddlers love beach toys. Older kids love creating elaborate sand castles and digging deep holes near the shore. Encourage your kids to engage in imaginative play with lots of varied toys. Shovels of all kinds are perfect for little hands to grasp. Bigger kids appreciate large pails. Let all your kids pick out a few beach toys of their own. This will help prevent fighting over toys when they get there. Balls and nets are also good options that let kids play in the sand.

Review Safety Procedures

While the beach is lots of fun, there are dangers everyone should know about before they go. Rip tides are common in many parts of the world. These currents can make it hard for people to swim back to shore safely. It’s important to know what to do in case you’re caught in one. Other issues that can impact safety at the beach include being stung by a jellyfish or stepping on glass. Children should know exactly who to turn to in the event they have a problem. Young children should be watched at all times. Older kids should only swim in the sea with a buddy.

The Right Shoes

Sand is inviting but it can get pretty hot for much of the day. Everyone with you should have the right footwear. Flip flops with a thick sole that offers lots of support is useful. If you’re planning to spend lots of time in the ocean, consider specially made beach shoes. They’ll help cover much of your foot and protect it from hot sun and the cold water. Beach shoes should fit properly and feel comfortable.

Shade Your Skin

Many people get red when they go outside in the strong sun. Some people get red and then tan. All babies should be kept carefully shaded and out of the sun at all times. A hot and lightweight clothing is essential. Older kids should have sunscreen they’ve applied twenty minutes before leaving for the beach. Each person should make sure to reapply it to their skin about every two hours as it can easily wash off under water. Sunscreen should be applied heavily so that it covers every single inch of the person’s skin fully. This includes areas such as the upper back and the nose as well as the feet and any other exposed areas. Bring a beach umbrella with you. The umbrella will offer shade from the hot sun. Many places let people rent beach umbrellas by the day. This is a good option if you don’t have your own.

Snacks and Lunches

If you’re going to stay at the beach for much of the day, you might want to take a break and grab lunch at a nearby place along the boardwalk. If that’s a long way away or you’d rather have your own food, pack carefully. Bring a small cooler that you keep in the shade. Double bag everything inside to help make sand doesn’t get inside. Items like sandwiches, fresh fruit, and cold salads make the ideal meal on the beach.

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