6 Tips for Transitioning into Apartment Life

Going from living in your childhood home to purchasing your first apartment can be a difficult process. There are lots of things that will be changing in the first few months of living in your new home, and some of these changes are very difficult to get accustomed to. Some of these changes are bad, and some of them are good. Adapting to a new living location can be difficult, but it does come with its own set of advantages as well. Not everything about living in an apartment is bad. In fact, a lot of people prefer living in a small space instead of a big house.

1. Neighbors

Chances are when you lived in a house, you had neighbors. These neighbors were across the street or on the other side of your lawn’s fence. When you live in an apartment, your neighbors are only separated by thin layers of floor, wall, and ceiling. Gone will be your days of playing loud music without people complaining. You will no longer be able to watch television as loud as you want either. These will be things that you will easily adapt to in the first few weeks. You may accidentally turn your television up once or twice, only to be reminded via knocks on your wall that you have neighbors very close now.

2. Food Services

If you lived in a house prior to living in your new apartment, chances are you always had an abundance of food in your fridge. Most houses are built outside of city limits, meaning that restaurants will not deliver to your home. Now, with your new apartment, which is likely located in the middle of a city, you will have a long list of restaurants that will deliver right to your door. This convenience is a lot more expensive than preparing your own food. Don’t go overboard with take out. Conserve your money and make your own meals, saving take out for special occasions.

3. You Will Have No Lawn Space

Most children who grow up in a house are taught to mow grass at a young age. By the time you are 14 or 15, you are likely already an expert at mowing grass. You won’t have to perform this task anymore. Obviously, apartments don’t have front lawns, so this is one of your chores that has been eliminated upon moving into an apartment. Like I said previously, not all changes to living environment will be bad.

4. Amenities

By amenities, I mean quality of life services. Apartment buildings sometimes offer a wide variety of services like these. Pools, gyms, spas, and parks are just a few of the things that an apartment building offers to its residents. Sometimes, the roof of an apartment building will be made into a casual hang-out spot, providing limitless hours of entertainment for the residents of the building. Pic-nic tables, bars, and food services are just a few of the things a person might find at a place like this.

5. Security 

This is another positive aspect of living in an apartment. It is more secure. Sure, with a house, you can pick and choose your alarm system and even which types of locks you use. But in an apartment you have hundreds of other people all around you. Some apartments even have security guards stationed around the building. Most apartments keep a locked door at all times, only allowing people inside if they are buzzed up or in possession of a key. Apartments are a much more secure location than the average home, so allow your nerves to be set at ease by understanding that your chance of being robbed is significantly less in an apartment building.

6. Maintenance 

In addition to not having to mow a lawn two or more times per month, there are a lot more chores that you will be happy to know will no longer be a part of your life. Growing up, chances are you saw your father fixing everything. From washers to air conditioners to kitchen utilities: your father knew how to do it all. Apartment buildings usually have building superintendent, also known as a super. These guys fix everything in the apartment, usually for free.

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