6 Tricks to Using Plastic Buckets to Organize Your Garage

No one looks forward to cleaning out and organizing a garage. Even if you have space to park your car inside, get out and grab your groceries from the trunk, you may not have much space to move around inside that garage. Many homeowners use their garages to store the things that they don’t need to want in the house, including holiday decorations they only use once a year, items they want to save for an upcoming yard sale and gardening supplies. With a few plastic buckets and a game plan, you can organize your garage and put every item in that garage in its proper place.

1- Consolidate Similar Items

Use plastic buckets as a way to consolidate like and similar items together. If you have an attached garage and use that space to feed your pets, place a shelf next to the feeding area. Use those buckets to keep track of your kitty litter, dog and cat treats and even the toys that you only want them to play with outside. You can use plastic buckets to store other groups of items together like gardening supplies or cleaning supplies.

2- Keep Rusty or Sharp Tools Tucked Away

No matter how many times you tell your kids not to touch certain things, you just know that they will start touching as soon as you turn your back. The same plastic buckets that you use for cleaning can help you keep your kids away from sharp tools and rusty tools that can harm them. You can fill the buckets with smaller tools and use a marker to write down what is inside on the plastic before placing the bucket on a taller shelf. Cutting a hole in the bottom of a bucket lets you slip the handle of a rake or another tool inside and keep the rusty and sharp parts tucked inside the bucket.

3- Organize Smaller Items

Do you remember seeing your dad or grandfather keep screws, nails and other small parts stored in baby food jars or old peanut butter jars in their garages? Curious kids can easily grab and drop one of those jars and leave sharp screws and broken glass on the floor. Replace those old glass jars with plastic buckets. You can use smaller buckets that are just the right size for storing a handful of nails or other small parts. Some smaller buckets even come with lids that snap on top. Use a pegboard to hang those buckets in the garage.

4- Create Bag Rolls

If you constantly struggle to get a trash bag out of the box when cleaning your home, create a bag space in your garage. Look for buckets that have a handle on top. Use a simple screw-in hook that screws into any surface. Place this hook in a convenient spot in the garage like inside a utility cabinet or in a corner of the room. Cut a small hole or slit in the bottom of a bucket, place the rolled bags inside, pull one bag out slightly from the bottom and hang from the hook. You can use different buckets for different types of bags, including smaller kitchen bags and larger outdoor bags.

5- Sort Cords

Many homeowners have multiple cords that they use outside like those that go with certain power tools and those that let them charge their phones when hanging with their kids. Plastic buckets let you organize all the cords that you need to use and to keep those cords from tangling. Do the same thing you would for organizing your garbage bags but stick the end of the cord through the bottom.

6- Grab and Go Buckets

Keep your kids organized and cut down on clutter with grab and go buckets in your garage. Give each child in your family a plastic bucket with his or her name on the front. Let them store all their favorite outdoor toys in their individual buckets. When they want to play, they can grab a bucket and go, but they’ll know that they need to return that bucket to its proper spot before coming back inside. This tip also works for picnic and beach supplies.

Give your garage a more organized look and make it more efficient with some simple plastic buckets.

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