7 Benefits of Having a Prepaid Cellphone for Your Child

Keeping your kids away from cell phones sounds like a good idea in theory. After all, with all the horror stories out there about kids and phones, it’s normal to want to shield your child from that entirely. Plus, it’s easy for kids to lose their phones or accidentally rack up charges.

It might not be so practical to keep your kids away from cell phones entirely in this modern era. However, a prepaid phone might be just what the doctor ordered. Here are seven benefits of having a prepaid cell phone for your child.

No One Can Live Without A Cell Phone

Many millennial parents have memories of their parents refusing them a cell phone, despite the fact that a smattering of their friends had them. In the old days, it was easy to find a payphone or landline when you needed to call home. Hence, cell phones were a luxury and a novelty, a fun gadget that the rich kids got as holiday gifts. Today, however, cell phones are so ubiquitous that residential landlines and payphones have all but disappeared.

Keeping Them Away From Smartphones Sounds Like A Good Idea, But It’s Unreasonable

Many parents want to keep their kids away from smartphones due to a fear of their child becoming one of those “zombies” who’s always glued to their screen. Worse even, parents hear stories of kids “sexting” or being cyber-bullied and swear that they’ll keep their child away from smartphones for as long as possible.

While it’s a noble goal, it’s just plain not realistic in this day and age. Smartphones and apps are integral to modern life. Sure, your child could use his or her smartphone for nefarious purposes, but he or she will also use them for looking up homework questions, ordering items online and a whole host of other wholesome purposes. It’s better to allow your child a smartphone, but teach him or her about what to avoid.

No Risk Of Fees Or Overage Charges

The internet is full of horror stories about parents who were hit with astronomical bills because their kids spent money on a game or went dramatically over their data limit. One of thee great things about a prepaid phone is that it’s impossible to spend more than what’s already been paid for, which means that you’ll never be hit with any surprise bills.

No Cancellation Fees, Easy Suspension

Something might happen where you want to cancel or suspend your child’s phone plan, either as a punishment or perhaps simply due to changing circumstances. When you opt for a prepaid phone, you’re not locked into a contract. This means that there’s no such thing as “cancellation fees.” Considering how unpredictable kids can be, this could prove very useful and cost-efficient.

Less Risk If It’s Stolen Or Broken

Sure, there are pricey prepaid phones that are a huge financial loss if they’re stolen or broken. However, you won’t be stuck in a contract with no phone to show for it. The most cost-effective way to provide your child with a smartphone is by purchasing them a prepaid phone with no bells and whistles that’s affordable and won’t be a massive loss if it’s ever stolen, lost or damaged.

It’s A Huge Asset In The Event Of An Emergency

If you give your child a smartphone, tell them that the rule is that their GPS always remains turned on. This isn’t so that you can watch their every move, but rather in the event of an emergency. A plethora of kidnapped and missing kids have been found thanks to the GPS chips in their phones. While this isn’t a guarantee that you’ll easily be able to find your child should a tragic scenario occur, it can be a huge asset in a police situation.

Teach Responsibility

Your child’s smartphone will be his or her first foray into being the sole overseer of something worth value. Kids have the basic idea that their toys aren’t worth all that much and that it’s not a big deal if some cheap plastic thing breaks. However, they understand that phones cost money and that they need to be vigilant against theft or breakage. This can be a valuable experience that will help them to grow into responsible adults.

When you first hand the prepaid phone over to your child, be sure to sit down and set boundaries and tell them about the rules connected to the ownership of the phone. Remember, even if your child uses up all of their data or loses their phone, a prepaid phone eliminates the risk of overage charges or cancellation fees.

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