7 Benefits of Loft Life

Living in a loft style apartment has many benefits. For those who have never done this before, you’d be surprised at how open it is compared to an apartment. In fact, many prefer to live in lofts as opposed to apartments!

So, just what is a loft apartment? To answer this question, you must go back: back to 1800s Paris, in fact! Many artists and people living similarly “bohemian” lifestyles began to make use of old warehouses and other abandoned commercial buildings, living in the lofts as a means of finding a cheap apartment-esque space.

Since then, the concept has evolved to a modern phenomenon, with loft-style apartments in major cities being incredibly difficult to get a hold of.

To show you the benefits you will find by living in a loft, we’ve created a list of 7 benefits of loft life:

1- Open Space

A loft means that you’ll have higher ceilings, which will make your apartment feel much more open than a more regular place. There are also usually many windows, giving you a great view of the nighttime sky and the clouds during the daytime. You can also decorate accordingly, taking full advantage of the higher walls to fill your apartment with posters!

2- Natural Light

If you live in an area that has a lot of daylight, a loft can help you get the best of that by the natural light getting to your place through the many windows of your loft. For many, this is a key selling point for getting a loft, as natural light has many health benefits that have been well-documented in scientific circles.

3- Industrial, Raw Look

Another benefit of living in a loft apartment is that there is a much higher chance of you being exposed to more industrial elements reflecting the infrastructure, such as exposed brick walls. These can be very trendy when paired with the right lights and furniture, so be on the lookout for loft locations that give you a very industrial feeling!

4- Awesome Acoustics

The open space in lofts also means that the acoustics will be very good due to the amount of built-in reverb—so, if you’re a musician, be prepared to have that greatly compliment any recordings you make or any songs you play! For those of you who aren’t as familiar with acoustics, reverb makes the sounds you play resonate more in the room, creating a slight echo effect. Reverb also makes the sounds of a room “gel” together better, making something like a normal acoustic guitar sound near angelic!

5- Air Flow Is Possible

Many people who dislike lofts say they do because of the potential for it to become incredibly hot due to the exposure to direct sunlight. Despite these claims, though, they couldn’t be more wrong—if you install a ceiling fan and make use of your windows, it is easy to keep air circulating in your apartment and keep it nice and breezy. Plus, during the winter you won’t have to worry as much about heat as the heat will stay in your loft easier!

6- Textiles Galore

For those of you who enjoy putting textiles all over your apartment, you’ll find that there’s plenty of space to do that in a loft. Not only that, but it can also help you control the acoustics of the room more, if you’re looking for a more muted sound to combat the inherent reverb.

7- You Can Be Yourself With Flexibility

The most rewarding benefit of living in a loft-style apartment is undoubtedly the customization that can be had with every loft. Because of this, you can furnish and format your apartment to look exactly the way you want it in a way that isn’t normally possible with more traditional apartments. Use the open space to fit whatever you’d like in it, decorate the walls intensely, and enjoy how it feels to be independent and be able to be yourself!

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