7 DIY Tricks to Get Wrinkles Out of Clothes

You have likely experienced the bad feeling of noticing your shirt is too wrinkled to wear only after you are showered, dressed, and ready to leave the house. These times often force you to wear something other than the clothes you wanted to wear if time does not permit for ironing. However, there are a number of quick hacks that can knock the wrinkles from your shirt without making you late for your obligation.

Use a Flat Iron on Collar

Your flat iron is not only good for taking the frizz from your hair. It is also a good solution for the wrinkles in your blouse or shirt collar. You should make sure the flat iron is not too hot before you place it against your clothes. This will guarantee you do not burn the clothing. Also, make sure there is no build-up from any substances on the flat-iron.

Steam in the Shower

One solution you can use to address your wrinkle problem is to close all doors and windows in your bathroom before hanging the wrinkled clothing on the shower rod. You then only need to shower and perform other hygiene tasks you would normally complete in the bathroom. Fifteen minutes on the shower rod should be enough to take care of the unwanted wrinkles in your clothes.

Use a Pot of Tea

This method works best when tiny wrinkles have accumulated in the clothing. You can begin the process by boiling the water you would normally use to make yourself a cup of tea. But before enjoying your morning tea time, you can hold the spout of the teapot approximately 12 inches from the wrinkles in the clothing. The concentrated steam will have your clothes wrinkle-free in no time.

Burrito Role Your Top

Place the problem clothing on a flat surface. Next, smooth all the wrinkled pots out using your hand our a hard, flat object. Once the surface of the clothing is smooth, roll the piece of clothing as you would a burrito. Your roll can then be placed under the mattress for up to 30 minutes. This process is equivalent to pressing your clothes.


Vinegar is a great solution for excess wrinkles in your clothes when you are pinched for time. Simply mix a solution of one part vinegar for every three parts water. A spray bottle will work well for this. Next, use the spray bottle to moisten all wrinkles with the vinegar and water mixture. Now you only need to hang the clothes and allow them to air-dry.

Use the Dryer

One creative solution to wrinkled clothing is to place the clothing in the dryer along with a damp washcloth, ice, or moist piece of clothing. This will create a stream of steam within the dryer. Five to ten minutes should be enough to get all the steam necessary from the damp object and eliminate the wrinkles in the objects that share the dryer.

Use a Pot

Using a pot as a makeshift iron is one of the oldest de-wrinkling methods in the book. Make sure the bottom of the pot is clean before you fill half-way with water and boil. Pour the hot water into the sink before running the bottom of the pot over the wrinkled areas of your clothing.

The Bottom Line

Many times it is much too late to iron a piece of clothing once you realize it is too wrinkled for wear. Other times, you may not have an iron handy when you need it the most. If one of these things happens, you do not have to put your shirt or other pieces of clothing back in the closet for another day. The seven tips above will prove more than adequate and will have your clothes wrinkle free and ready for wear.

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