7 Important Tips for Selling Your Home

Selling your home takes some pizzazz in order to entice buyers to put down some serious money on the property. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on renovations right before the first open house, however. Consider these basic tips that really make a property sing to many potential buyers.

1. Remove the Clutter First

Realtor points out that clutter is the top item to focus on when you’re selling a home. Clear out all of the loose items that clutter desks and countertops. Take this moment to organize the household drawers and cabinets. 

Allowing clutter to remain tells buyers that the space might be too small for their items. Every property needs to convey that it’s big regardless of its actual square footage. Rent out a storage unit if the clutter is that large. This cleaning strategy simply starts the moving process for you.

2. Get Down to the Flooring

If your flooring is somewhat new, you can get away with steam cleaning and vacuuming it. Old flooring should be replaced. It breathes new life into the property. No one wants to buy a home with worn or stained flooring. 

Try low-cost options, such as carpet or vinyl planks, in order to update the space without too much of an investment.

3. Scrub the Walls

Painting the home’s interior walls is always a good idea, but your paint job may still be relatively new. Freshen up the paint by wiping down the walls with mineral spirits. This chemical removes grease and grime, which leaves the paint looking clean and bright. In some cases, it’s just this layer of grease that makes a room look dull. Use a sponge and dry rag in order to complete this project.

4. Refresh the Exterior

Power wash the home’s exterior where necessary. The siding and garage door are two areas to focus on. Take a look at the driveway too. Stains and spots will turn off prospective buyers. You want the exterior to shine because it positively reflects on your property’s maintenance reputation. If the home looks like it’s being taken care of, more bids will be in your future.

Be sure to check the roof too. No missing shingles should be part of the exterior’s aesthetic. Patch the roof well before any open house. 

5. Send the Pets Next Door

You may love your pets, but prospective buyers might not. During an open house, send the pets to a loved one’s property. In fact, Fox News suggests that any clue about pets being in the home should be removed. Steam-clean the carpets, store the toys and wash all of the pet bowls. 

Giving the home a fresh smell is the goal. Pets create more dander than a home without dogs or cats. Taking them out of the environment for even one day will help the home sell.

6. Repair the Small Things

Loose doorknobs or missing hardware make buyers think twice about a property. They wonder if there are other items that are broken that may not be obvious. Walk around your home, and focus on all of the details. Repair or adjust those small items that stand out in your mind. A property sale can often hinge on the most simplest of features. A brand-new deadbolt on the front door makes a statement about your attention to detail, for example.

7. Paint Over Extreme Colors

A bright-purple wall in your master bedroom felt like the right idea at the time, but not everyone will appreciate this hue. Ideally, the entire home should have neutral colors. White, beige and associated colors are the norm. They match almost any furniture choices in the space.

The neutral colors also encourage creative thinking in prospective buyers. They can picture their own accent walls, which leads to possible bids on the property.

If the front door has a bold color, such as red, consider it as a keeper. This area should remain a bold color for curb appeal.

Stage your property for every open house held for potential buyers. You never know who will end up being the right customer. With a little attention to detail, selling your home can take only a little time with a big return.

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