7 Insightful Tips for Properly Vetting a Pediatric In-Home Nurse

Are you searching for a nurse that is really qualified to handle your sick child at home? Although nurses in general can take care of ailing kids, a pediatric nurse is better trained for the job. Therefore, before hiring a pediatric nurse, you need to see if the individual is really able to do what the job requires. In that regard, vetting a pediatric in-home nurse is somewhat different from vetting other kinds of nurses. Here are some tips that you need to consider.

1) Check the credentials

Before anything else, you need to know if the pediatric nurse is really educated and trained in the basic rudiments of the job. That means you have to check if the person is really a BSN and is duly licensed by the professional commission in your local area. In other words, check if the nurse has a BSN degree from a reputable school and has passed the nursing licensure requirements of your country. This is just the start but it is very important to know if the nurse is really qualified and licensed before you proceed to the next vetting stage.

2) Check the nurse’s personality

Of course, you can only see a person’s personality after you have spent some time with her. But you can get a glimpse of the nurse’s personality during the interview. Check her mannerisms, the way she answers your questions, the way she communicates and the way she presents herself. Are you sensing a positive or a negative person? You need to know because she will be taking care of your sick little child. Your kid needs a positive caring person at this time. In fact, this should be more important than the credentials that the nurse can present (although this is important too).

3) Check the nurse’s communication skills

The nurse should be able to communicate clearly, not only with you as the parent, but more importantly with your sick kid. Hiring a pediatric nurse with good communication skills will make stressful situations more bearable. The basic approach of the nurse is to communicate with the whole family, and not just with the sick child. This healthcare service provider should realize that although the sick kid is the one who is suffering the most, it is the whole family that is affected by the sickness and not just the child.

4) Check the nurse’s work ethic

Checking the work ethic and the reliability of a pediatric nurse is a bit tricky since you have not yet seen how she conducts herself while at work. But there should be a way in which you can assess these qualities while you are interviewing the candidate nurse. Did she come on time for the interview? Is the nurse dressed properly for the interview? Look at her past experience and perhaps you can get a glimpse of these qualities from the hospitals or clinics that the nurse has worked with.

5) Check the nurse’s capability to be patient

Patience is an important requirement in child care, especially if the child is sick. And as have been mentioned previously, the PN will also be dealing with you and your family as a whole. Therefore, the nurse should also be patient with the family. The nurse should have a child care program that is family centered. The quality of patience in a person comes in developmental stages. You should see this quality as you look at the nurse’s record of her past experiences.

6) Check the nurse’s approach to child care

To be effective in child care duties, the pediatric nurse should be able to think like a child. Therefore, check if the nurse is able to learn how to talk and think like a child. She should approach the child as if she is also a small kid and not as a supervising and strict adult.

7) Check how the nurse relates with your kid

A pediatric nurse should be able to relate well with small children. Without being careless and thoughtless like the average kid, the nurse should be able to go down to your child’s level of thinking. She must be able to talk, think and play like a child. That’s one of the best ways she can take care of your sick kid.

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