7 Killer Tips for Advertising Your Small Business

Starting a small business is one of the best ways to build personal wealth and gain financial freedom. At the same time, it’s no walk in the park either. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work, sleepless nights and strategy. Usually, when a lot of small businesses start, they begin as one-man shows.

1. Invest in signage.

There are quite a few different approaches you can take to this method of investing in signage. For the bootstrapper, consider visiting grocery stores, restaurants and community centers. Find the bulletin boards and get permission to place advertisements on the. Create an advertisement that includes a portion that can be ripped off at the bottom of the page with all the information. For those with a larger budget, consider purchasing ad space at bus stops around the city. As the advertisement budget increases, consider purchasing billboard space. Quality should never suffer. It doesn’t matter if the budget is $20 or $2,000. Make sure the ad is captivating, eye-catching and clear to understand.

2. Purchase airtime.

Whether a person’s commute is 15 minutes or an entire hour, most drivers like to listen to the radio when they’re on their way into their place of employment. Rush hour times are prime time options. You’ll want to get a good commercial on the airwaves because a lot of people are listening during this time. Make a list of some of the most popular radio stations in the area. Find out which ones align best with the product you’re selling. Contact the radio station to find out how much air time costs. Hire a voice talent to create the advertisement and see how things go.

3. Create social media channels.

If a business doesn’t have a presence on social media, they’re immediately proving that they are completely out of touch. Unless the company is Starbucks or Apple (they don’t need social media), most companies create pages to advertise their services. Besides, it’s totally free to start any platform and build. Start with YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Those are three of the most popular platforms.

4. Utilize brand ambassadors and influencers.

Brand ambassadors and influencers are people who have worked very hard to build a large brand and loyal following. With thousands of followers, they’re able to impact buying power. Align with an influencer who can authentically promote your product and get it in front of thousands of people. With this consistent effort, you’ll be able to glean from the hard work of others and eventually build a following of your own.

5. Purchase business cards.

Always have business cards available. When people ask what you do and how they can find out more about you, you must always be able to whip out a business card with all of your information. Include the name of the company, the website and contact information. Just like you’d never leave the house without the cell phone and debit card, always walk with business cards available.

6. Book speaking engagements.

Speaking engagements are always great because it gives you a platform to have the undivided attention of a group. It’s perfect for sharing expertise and establishes any business owner as an experienced and knowledgeable professional in their field. If public speaking isn’t a strong suit, consider investing in classes to perfect this skill.

7. Get a coach.

Take a look at any successful person in the world. In most cases, most successful professionals have coaches. Oprah has multiple coaches for various areas of her own life. If Oprah needs someone to cheer for her and help steer her in the right direction, the same applies to any small business owner that’s trying to get to the next level. Ask around and do some research to find a coach that aligns with what you need. Find out about a coach’s track record and be willing to invest a sizeable amount of money.

There are many other ways to advertise and grow your business. These seven tips will get any business far though. With intentionality and consistency, your small business can experience exponential profits and the success you’ve dreamed of. Dive into these seven tips and expand on them over time. Customize each tip for your business and it will go far.


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