7 Photography Tips for Photographing a Wedding

Wedding photography is a great business to put your photography skills into practice. However, you need your first client to get you the next two, and this can only happen if you do an outstanding job. So, here are seven photography tips for photographing a wedding.

Help a Pro

You need to find out the dos and don’ts of photographing a wedding prior to shooting one. Getting this information from a veteran photographer will assist you in avoiding common mistakes. The initial action before going out on your own is to help a professional in the field. Through the experience, you will learn tactics that you can later use in your shoots. Some of these tips might be familiar to you as a photographer, but you will learn plenty of useful techniques.

Plan the Shoot in Advance

You need to create some extra time when it comes to planning for the shoot in advance. Shoot extra photos of the groom and bride in various attractive sites. Even though the pair will be doing as you instruct, it is good to offer them a manual as you plan the shoot. Allow them to pick the poses they desire for their wedding photography and include them in the contract. You might need to offer additional instructions to obtain the best photos. Hence, it ideal that you be patient with them. You need them to be happy so that they can promote your business through word of mouth.

Don’t Miss the Firsts

Although every picture is a memory, you need to ask the pair about any particular moments they want to be captured. These moments are the first look, the first kiss, the first dance, and more. You require being attentive during these times since they happen quite quickly. You need to schedule these moments with the pair so that you can capture the best photos in the correct order. You need to anticipate the entry of the pair in the garden or church. Pictures of these moments must be taken from various angles. Set the camera on high shutter speed and take many pictures, so you have a choice of picking the best one from the variety. The first moments are the backbone of the wedding shoot. 

Capture Reactions

You need to be keen and notice the guests enjoying the moments being shared by the couple. The expressions of the family, relatives, and friends should be shot. As you capture the firsts and the couples as they pose, ask your assistant to shoot the expressions made by the audience. Ask the assistant to capture the moments fast and shoot as many faces as possible. It is a happy moment, and it should be captured for the pair to see later in their marital life.

Group Shots

Every guest wants to have a picture with the newlyweds, but it’s better to take group photos. Otherwise, you might lack sufficient time for essential photos. You must manage the groups efficiently. Use the help of your assistant to organize the groups and send them in an orderly fashion for the shoot. When taking group photos, it can be a problem when an individual loses focus or blinks. For this reason, be sure to take plenty of pictures, so that you can pick the best photo for each group.

Know the Guests

There are many types of guests at a wedding. They can be friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors, and others. You must realize that guests are not in control. Therefore, discuss the guest list with the pair to determine VIPs. Take fantastic portraits of the VIPs, and know their names to make them comfortable during the shoot. 

Friends are essential

You must know that friends of the groom and the bride are the life of the party. Be sure to capture group photos of them with the pair and solo as well. Take group portraits of the friends of the bride with her. Spend time on this shoot and take various girly poses to make it fun. Repeat the same for the groom and pick manly poses to offer an ideal match to the wedding album. 

With these photography tips, you can be sure that the wedding album will be a memorable one. You will not only do an amazing job, but you will also leave an impression on your client who will recommend your exceptional services.

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