7 Reasons To Choose A Vacuum Elevator Over A Traditional Elevator

There are two basic designs for home elevators. Traditionally, all elevators were designed using levers, pulleys, and hydraulics to raise and lower the cars. Now, you have the option of a pneumatic, or vacuum, elevator which runs on air pressure and suction. Here are some reasons why a vacuum elevator might be a better option for your home over a traditional elevator.

#1 They are More Appealing to the Eye

Unfortunately, most traditional home elevators are enclosed within the framework of the home with only the doors being visible, creating somewhat of an institutional look. While that look can work for some home designs, it’s not always the most attractive feature of the home.

With a vacuum elevator, you can actually enhance the look of your home with its unique design. They are generally constructed of glass and hardened metal. There are also many different design styles to compliment almost any decor. 

#2 Pneumatic Elevators are Easier to Install

They don’t need to be built into the framework of the home, and there’s no mechanical room or elevator pit required. A pneumatic elevator is freestanding, securely attached to the floor and ceiling with extra support as needed, making installation for a vacuum elevator much quicker than the time it would take to make the structural alterations needed to build a traditional elevator.

#3 They Don’t Take Up as Much Space

Traditional elevators can sometimes take up as much space as a small room. And, they can only be constructed in certain areas, depending on the specific layout of the home and its support features

Vacuum elevators are much smaller, and can be located almost anywhere in the home. And, the glass construction enables you to see through them, giving the illusion of more space. 

#4 Pneumatic Elevators Can Be Cheaper

Whether you are looking at a traditional or a vacuum elevator, you’ll find that there are several different models to choose from, each offering different features. The actual cost of both types of elevators will be pretty much comparable across the board based on their size and other specifics.

The construction costs associated with installing a traditional elevator is where the overall cost difference can come in. In many cases, the structural changes needed to accommodate a traditional hydraulic elevator will make it end up costing much more than a vacuum elevator.

#5 Vacuum Elevators are More Energy Efficient

A pneumatic elevator is a vacuum tube with a turbine located at the top of the shaft to create the suction needed to remove the air, causing the elevator to rise. The elevator car has brakes to stop it on the desired floor. The process is reversed to lower the car, with the vacuum slowly releasing pressure. 

A traditional elevator will operate with hydraulic power raising and lowering the car, powered entirely with electricity, making it much more expensive to operate. 

#6 They’re Easier to Maintain

A traditional, hydraulic home elevator has many different components that work together, allowing it to operate. And, some of those parts are located in areas that are difficult to reach, making repairs and maintenance a bit of a challenge, both logistically and financially.

The overall design of a vacuum elevator just makes them easier to maintain over time. There are less moving parts to deal with, and the entire elevator is exposed and easily accessible, making maintenance much easier. 

#7 A Vacuum Elevator Will Increase the Resell Value of Your Home

Any home elevator will increase the value of your home if it’s maintained properly. But, a vacuum elevator can add a little more value than a traditional one, especially its resell value.

A pneumatic elevator is more attractive to potential home buyers for all of the reasons that we have just listed. Savvy home buyers are always attracted to a home’s cost-effective features. Both the aesthetic and the financial advantages of having a vacuum cleaner will make your home a more attractive option for them.

It’s really a no-brainer when you think about it. Vacuum elevators are cheaper to install and maintain, look much better than traditional elevators, and increase your home’s resell value. It always makes sense to invest in your financial future.

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