7 Simple Ways To Decorate Your House With Model Ships

Many people love the sea and the things which remind them of its waves and its blue and green colors. Their love of the sea is so powerful that it can even extend to the way they decorate their houses. If you are a person who loves model ships, you probably are one of those who love the sea so much that you want it to be a part of your life. Well, that is entirely possible because there are many ways you can get the sea inside your home. Keep on reading because this article will show you 7 easy and simple ways of decorating your house with model ships.

1. Get model ships that look special.

Model ships are a favorite house décor therefore you will find a lot them being sold in the market, especially the curio ones. Being a popular item, there are a lot of choices with regards to size, shapes and colors. If you want your house décor to be unique, choose model ships that are interesting in shapes, sizes and colors. Go for the unusual ones. They will be great conversation pieces when you hold parties in your house.

2. Buy model ships that you can afford.

Some ships are affordable while some are very expensive. If you are working on a limited budget, don’t go for the more expensive ones. Every store has a collection of affordable and costly model ships. Since you are just starting out in your collection of model ships, begin with the affordable ones. As you gain experience in this hobby, you can buy the more expensive ones. You will then have some knowledge about their care and upkeep.

3. Be careful in buying model ships.

Don’t just buy the first model ship that you come across on the curio shop or the mall. If you are new to the hobby, every model ship will really look amazing. However, the longer you stay in this hobby, the more you will develop that distinctive taste. So if you are buying your first model ship, carefully search for the most interesting and uniquely designed ship that you can get. And start your collection from that one.

4. Create a theme décor.

Once you are on your way to using model ships for house decoration, you will want to buy more and more model ships. If you are not careful, the ships that you will collect will be mismatched. So, right before you start collecting model ships, think about a theme that will blend or harmonize every model ship that you will buy. Harmonizing all of your model ships will really bring organization in your collection. Whether you buy a small or a big model ship, your collection will look like they’ve been meticulously planned for. They will really be a treat to the eyes.

The small ones are very cute especially if they are done in detail. These small model ships if combined with medium and large model ship will really make your house a sea-centered place. Choosing the ships with designs that match with each other will really harmonize all the ships that you will put on display.

Or you can choose to combine old-style ships with the more modern looking ones. Your décor would then be a sort of historical display of ships. If your budget is limited, start with just one ship. But have a theme in mind because it is really something special if you have different ship models on display with almost the same make-up or design.

5. Place them in different places, nooks and corners in your house.

Your model ship displays will be more interesting to the observer if you will not limit them in just one place. Try to select choice places in your house and place one or two in each location.

6. Cover your model ships with glass casings.

You need to protect your model ships especially its appearance. They must always look that they’ve just been made or bought from the curio shop. If they look old and disheveled, there are not too many people who will want to look at them.

7. Dust them regularly.

You also need to dust your models ships periodically even if they are enclosed in glass casings. Small micron-sized dust can penetrate their covers and will find their way into some of the exposed parts of the ships.

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