7 Simple Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Moving Company

Moving is an incredibly stressful event that often requires the help of a professional moving company. It is this company’s job to safely and carefully get all of the furnishings and boxes from the home into a moving truck or van where it will be whisked away to its next destination. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t realize that movers are regular people who often work on an hourly basis. Their job is quite physical, which could even leave them with aches and pains at the end of the day despite the amount you’ve paid their company to provide this service. For this reason, it is a good idea to consider showing them a little appreciation for their hard work. 

1. Give Them a Tip
A small tip is often a great way to show them that you appreciate all of their hard work. Even a small tip will help them out and can be a great joy in their life. Think about what you would like to leave for them and then choose to do this when they arrive to do all of the work. 

2. Keep Things Organized
You should show them appreciation by keeping all of the boxes and furnishings as neat and organized as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of people just leave the boxes all over the house, which makes the movers work twice as hard for what they are able to do. This is why you might want to move the boxes to a more convenient location for them to just grab and put into the truck. 

3. Move Items That You Can
If you are able to move smaller items or boxes, this is going to lessen the amount that they have to do. This also helps you because some moving companies charge per hour, so you will find that this not only lessens their load, but it is going to save you a reasonable amount of money in the long run after they leave. 

4. Thank Them for Their Service
Don’t forget to thank them for the service that they are providing to you. You will find that this helps them to realize that they are appreciated and that you truly enjoy having them there to help. You can either thank them before, during or after the process in order to get them knowing what you feel about their service. 

5. Offer Help if They’re Struggling
If you notice that the movers are struggling with an item, especially a large piece of furniture, it might be a good idea to ask if you are able to help. Movers are normal people just like you and me, so it is important that you let them know that you are there to help if it is needed. 

6. Call Their Supervisors
After the movers leave, you can and should contact their supervisors to let them know how good their work was and how much you have appreciated it. This type of call can help out the movers who may come into a bonus or salary raise just because of the good words that have been said about them. 

7. Give Them a Small Gift
If you don’t want to give a gift or don’t know of another way to show the movers appreciation, it is a good idea to buy them a gift. The gift should be small and unisex so that it can be given to anyone. This might also be something you would like to split up and give to the different movers coming to do the work. 

There are a whole lot of people right now who are hiring movers to get their homes moved. Whether you are going to an apartment or another house, hiring a mover is a great way to avoid the hindrance of dealing with doing this type of work on your own. Not only does it save you lots of money and time, but it is going to get your home moved a lot more quickly than you could have imagined. Be sure to talk to a local mover and show them appreciation for all of their work. 

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