7 Smart Tips for Using Direct Mail in Legal Marketing

In today’s modern world, multiple advances have been made to online marketing. There are email lists, social media posts, petitions — the list goes on and on. Sometimes, this leads to offline marketing falling by the wayside. But offline marketing still deserves time and attention. Attorneys might not find that they’re having good luck with their direct mail marketing campaigns, but that’s usually because they’re using the same ineffective strategies that their competitors use. A better plan is to create an effective direct mail marketing strategy for your law firm. Follow these simple guidelines for a marketing system that will work.

1. Get Lists of People Who Need You

You’ll need to be familiar with your state’s unique ethics rules, as some states have restrictions on the means you can use to solicit potential clients. But many DUI and traffic lawyers compile a list of potential clients through the use of police reports. Certain states allow you to access accident reports, at which point you can send mail to the victims. Most states do impose at least a 30-day period following the accident before you’re allowed to solicit the client.

2. Follow-Ups Are Ideal

When people contact your firm looking for information, or they request further information through your website, that’s a good time to send a follow-up through the mail. This follow-up can contain more information about services you provide that they may be interested in, or it can be a generic message to let the potential client know that you’re thinking of them.

3. Other Lawyers Are a Great Jumping-Off Point

You might be surprised to hear that it’s helpful to send mail to other lawyers. After all, other lawyers are your competition, aren’t they? But if you network with other attorneys, these attorneys can then refer clients to your practice. Furthermore, if you establish a rapport with another lawyer or law firm, you can also refer your clients to them in turn.

4. Consider the Outside of the Envelope

It’s important that your notice be opened rather than thrown in the trash with the “junk mail.” Sometimes, the best way to do this is by placing your information inside a plain white envelope that doesn’t have a return address disclosed. In other scenarios, you might want to use a stamp that says “Special Notice” or “Important Information Enclosed” to draw the attention of the recipient. Alternatively, you might use an envelope that has heavy designs which hint at the contents.

Hand-addressing the envelope goes over well, because it shows that you put time and attention into the mailing campaign rather than just printing labels and slapping them on.

5. Make the Piece Physically Stand Out

If a person can tell that the contents of the envelope are unusual, they’ll be more motivated to investigate. The biggest problem with direct mail is having the notices be thrown away unopened. You want to entice the recipient into opening your envelope. You might include business cards that are sized similarly to credit cards, or you might add trinkets that reinforce your law firm’s brand.

6. Have Multiple Parts of the Content

One-page letters aren’t effective when you want an impactful direct marketing strategy. You should include a few bookmarks, maybe a sheet of testimonials, and direct information regarding the services you provide. If you’re already paying for the postage, you might as well add a few more slips of paper to the envelope.

7. Give the Recipient a Reason to Respond

You can entice the recipient into responding by making offers. Maybe you’ll send them a book about their current legal problem completely free of charge. Maybe you’ll direct them to a video series that you’ve set up for potential clients. Write effective headlines and emphasize the benefits that your firm offers.

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