7 Tips for Finding the Perfect House for You

Finding the right home can be a difficult process. It is a huge purchase, likely the largest purchase you will ever make. You want to make sure that you find the right house for your family, your budget and your taste. There may be so many options on the market that you have trouble deciding which house would be best for you. However, with a few simple tips you can find a home that you will both love and can afford. You can even make the house hunt a fun process! Read on for seven tips for finding the perfect house for you.

1. Consider Your Budget

Before you go overboard thinking about all the things you want in a home, you need to figure out what you can afford. If you don’t already have a budget, you need to start there. Consider your monthly income and bills, and figure out a realistic estimate of what you can pay each month on a mortgage. Most experts recommend spending no more than 30% of your income on housing costs. Once you have an idea of what you can spend, you are ready to start looking for houses in your price range.

2. Think About What You Want

A house is so much more than what you find inside the home. You need to consider where you will be living. What is the neighborhood like? Is it important that you are close to shops and restaurants or would you rather be away from town? If you have kids, you need to look into the school district, and make sure you are happy with it. Also consider the home itself. Does it have a huge yard that you will have to maintain? Make sure to take in all the factors and not just the home itself.

3. Consider the Floor Plan

You need to think about what you need in a home. How many people will be living there? Do you have children or pets, or do you plan on having children or getting pets? If you plan on expanding your family, you want to make sure that your home has room to grow. Where do you plan on spending most of your time? If you entertain a lot, you may want to make sure the home has a large living area.

4. Think About the Kitchen and Bathrooms

The kitchen and bathrooms are two places homeowners often spend their time. Make sure that both of these rooms are big enough to suit your needs and wants as you tour a house. Think about preparing a meal with others in the kitchen or getting ready alongside your significant other in the bathroom. Make sure the spaces will accommodate you.

5. Bedrooms

A good rule of thumb is to always have one extra bedroom. So, if you have two kids, you may want to look for a home with four bedrooms. You will often find yourself using this bedroom for a guest room, office or just for extra storage.

6. Where to Make Compromises

Unless you have a giant budget, you are likely going to have to make some compromises. If you are buying on a budget, it is rare that you will find a home that you can afford that also has exactly what you want. Weigh out your options and try to decide which features are absolute needs and which are just wants.

7. Get an Inspection

Even if you think you have found the perfect home, you don’t want to move forward on a contract without getting a professional inspection. While many issues are superficial and can be easily fixed, there may be problems with a home that only a professional can spot. Some of these problems can be very costly and outside of your budget. You definitely don’t want to spend your first year in a new home paying for repairs that you did not anticipate.

Remember to take your time when looking for a home. Even if you don’t plan to live there forever, you want somewhere with which you are comfortable. Once you find the place that feels right and fits your budget, you can complete the home buying process and get ready to enjoy your new home.

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