7 Tips for Preparing You Home for a Hurricane

According to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the US is hit by approximately 1 major hurricane each year. These hurricanes cause thousands worth of property damage as well as costing tens to hundreds of lives. The devastating effects of such hurricanes and their periodic occurrence demand that you take appropriate preparatory measures in anticipation of their devastation. Adequate preparation is the surest way to ensure that the hurricanes would not cause devastation upon people’s lives. Here are 7 of the essential tips on how to prepare your house in anticipation for a hurricane.


Prepare a basic storm kit


The best place to be when a hurricane storm hits is in your house. When indoors in such conditions, you are cut-off from all supplies of food, electricity, and medical items. You should, therefore, make a basic storm kit to ensure your survival. An ideal basic storm kit should, therefore, include necessities that will ensure your comfortable stay in the house during the storm period. The kit should include items such as food supplies (preferably dry and frozen foods), blankets to keep warm and water supplies to last for not less than about 48 hours.


Secure loose parts of the house


Hurricane winds cause devastating effects by blowing away whole or parts of the house, especially those that are not secured firmly. Parts such as gutters, loosely fixed planks of wood and light materials in the house’s exterior can get ripped off your house. You should therefore firmly secure them to the house by nailing them in place. Removable parts such as the gutter than cannot be secured firmly enough should be removed and put indoor in the garage.


Securing delicate exterior parts of the house


Parts of the house that are delicate and exposed such as glass window panes can be destroyed when hit by debris carried by the storm. Glass windows should be protected by nailing wooden planks across the window to act as protection against such debris. This should be done immediately after you feel that the winds have gained pace. Doors should also be reinforced with metallic grills.


Disconnect electricity and use generators


During a hurricane storm, electricity and water would certainly be lost due to the destruction. It is highly recommendable to disconnect these services from the mains and use reserves. Electricity is however highly important in your house during such a time. You should have a backup option such as a generator and reserve fuel to power your home. When the mains power is lost, it is important to disconnect your house from the mains to prevent effects of a surge when the power resumes.


Develop a communication plan


Communicating is highly important for everyone caught in a storm. Such communication involves both receiving crucial information relating to evacuation measures as well as relaying information relating to any emergency measures that you may be in need of. The communication plan should include how to access information from relevant relief agencies and responders through social media and ensuring that your communication gadgets are well charged.


Brief every member of the house


In most instances, every member of the family retrieves to their home when a hurricane approaches. When everyone is indoors, you should have a regular communicating framework where everyone is briefed on various issues such as how to respond to emergency issues such as flooding in the rooms, use of rationed food portions, and how to ensure personal safety.


Protect valuables


In the aftermath of hurricanes, flooding is the most common eventuality. Responding to the problem requires proper planning to that effect. You should, for instance, evaluate the parts of your property that require protection from water damage such as vital documents like log books, school certificates, credit cards and money. Such can be kept in waterproof safes or even deposited in banks for safe storage.


Hurricanes can cause devastation in your house. Whereas such hurricanes and their devastation are not preventable, the scale of the disaster in your home can be tamed by taking a host of measures. Such measures should be taken in anticipation of the hurricane and should focus on securing your house from damage as well as ensuring your comfortable indoor stay during the hurricane period.

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