7 Unique Ways to Donate to a Charity

Donating to a charity can be beneficial to the giver and the recipient. While the recipient benefits from the giveaways directly, the giver feels pleasure in their physiology, has improved measurements of health, has better morale, and more. Donations not only involve money, but they also include food, clothes, books, and more. Here are seven unique ways to donate to a charity.

Set Up a Family or Private Foundation

If you are a high-net-worth individual or family, you can set up a private or family foundation for your charitable activities. Even though particular private foundations are big and popular, like the Rockefeller Foundation that has matching staffs, the majority of the foundations that are about 80,000 in number, have assets of below one million dollars and are unstaffed. A private foundation is a great way to ensure your charity donations fully suit your interests and values. 

Donate Online

Online donating is usually referred to as crowd-funding. Even modest donors can make a huge difference when they are many. Online giving is the fastest growing method of donating. Young people spend their time online, and they like to donate that way. Some of the online charitable foundations that you can give to include Kiva, which offers micro-loans to small business owners around the globe and Charity: water, which provides communities in developing nations with fresh, clean water. 

Donate Your Clothing, Food, and Car

Donating an old car can benefit you by being part of your donations and giving you the chance to upgrade to a new car. However, be careful of car donation scams and pick charities carefully. Also, you can donate other items, like clothing, food, furniture, and appliance. Thrift shops and food pantries have greater needs than ever. Look for these charities around your home and know that you are offering the most direct donations. 

Make Handwritten Notes to Sick Children in Hospitals

The majority of young patients undergoing treatment cannot accept unsolicited guests. But they would appreciate a handwritten ‘Get Better Soon’ card. Find time for you and your friends to write plenty of letters to send to a Children’s Hospital. Buy markers, stickers, and construction papers to create colorful well wishes. Drop them the next day to put a smile on the sickly children’s faces. 

Plan a Talent Show

If you can dance or sing, be sure to perform at a senior home or nursing center. In case you have none of these talents, get in touch with a local university a capella group, youth dance troupe, or church choir and request to organize a trip to the centers. Numerous residents in these centers go through loneliness and might not have regular opportunities to socialize with others. Before setting up a show, get in touch with a local center to find out their policies. 

Construct a Curbside Library

Curbside book exchanges are still popular in the US. You can participate in this trend by creating your own. First, contact your community board about the zoning laws and ensure there aren’t any that would prevent you from building one in your property. Then find a blueprint you like online and create your mailbox-sized library. Now, secure it in the front yard and fill it with both adults and children books. Anyone can pass by and check through the collection before taking what pleases them and donating what they have read. 

Read to Shelter Animals

Cats and dogs in shelters are normally scared of their surroundings. The new environment is loud and unfamiliar, which makes them confused about why they have been caged. A number of shelters have developed an innovative way of soothing these animals to rid of the anxiety. This includes reading to them. Volunteers sit with dogs and cats in a quiet place and read aloud to them, assisting in soothing them and boosting their interaction skills, which usually improves their likelihood of being adopted. Get in touch with the local rescue groups to find out if they have implemented reading programs, or if they can begin one. 

If you are not rich enough to start a private foundation, you can still give away clothes, an old car, food, books, handwritten notes, and more. You will make a significant difference in the life of the recipient.

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