8 Advantages of Replacing Your Home’s Roof

Could a new roof really provide benefits to a homeowner? Despite common misconception, roof replacement is sometimes a better option than a repair. In fact, the plethora of advantages of a brand new roof on the home is sure to put a smile on your face very quickly. Read below to learn eight advantages that come your way with a brand new roof on your home.

Save Money

Average roof repair cost is $770. New roof costs average $4,300. Although this is a considerable difference in price, if you’re spending money on repairs regularly, it makes more sense to put that money toward a new roof. New roofs average a lifespan of 20-years, depending on the material, and won’t need any repairs for a long time in the future, saving money and headache.

Better Protection

A leaking roof can be detrimental to the interior of your home, the fixtures inside, and even your personal belongings. When there is a new roof installed, the risk of a leak is minimized so there is far less to worry about.

Peace of Mind

It is reassuring to know that your home and the things inside are protected from leaks and other potential damages that come from a damaged roof. The peace of mind that you enjoy is second-to-none and something that you can enjoy every single day.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Every homeowner wants their property to add curb appeal to the neighborhood and represent them in a meaningful way. A new roof is an easy addition that has dramatic effects on the overall appeal and appearance of the property. Many great roofing styles are out there that can help create that great look that you are after, with tons of styles and designs to finish meeting your personality.

Increased Home Value

If you’re selling the home in the near future, you want to get the maximum value possible for the home and sell it as quickly as possible. When a new roof is installed, you enjoy the benefits while you live in the home and improve its interest and value once the property hits the market.

Great ROI

Return on Investment is important to consider before any addition or renovation to the home. No one wants to waste money if it doesn’t pay off at the end of the day. You’ll be glad to know that installing a new roof offers a 60% to 70% ROI. You always get your dollar’s worth when you install a roof.

Improved Energy-Efficiency

How much do you pay each month to heat and cool the home? A damaged roof could actually increase the cost of keeping the home comfortable. You can dramatically decrease the costs that you pay each month with the new roof and improve your comfort in the process.

Enjoy New Technology

Do you remember when the roof of the home was installed? It has probably been quite a while. As such, you’re missing out on astonishing new technology that you don’t want to miss another day. Things change year after year, especially with roofing systems. Today’s roofs are quality, stylish, fun, and made to last and feature state-of-the-art technology for your enjoyment.

Final Thoughts

Every homeowner wants to enjoy the longest possible lifetime with their roof, but all good things must come to an end. It is important to recognize when roof replacement is more ideal than yet another repair so you aren’t senselessly spending your money. it is best to replace the roof than to continue wasting money on repairs. The eight advantages above are a few of the many offered with a roof replacement.

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