8 Fall Fashion Tips for Men

Many people just imagine fashion trends pertaining to women, but mean have quite the fashion world full of trends and fashion flops too. Fall is all about layering, and men have many options with sweater and jacket options. Men, if you do not have a fashionista in your life, do not hesitate to ask a sales associate or read up on men’s fashion blogs. Read the list below on fall fashion tips for men.

Wear Your Favorite Team Shirt

Who said your sporting apparel cannot be fashionable? This fall, rock your team’s colors by wearing your jersey or team shirt (you could even do a vintage tee for extras fashion points). Presentation is key so be sure that your shirt is free from stains and holes.

Dress Up

A polished, professional look is always in style so be ready to dress up with neckties, bowties, and sweater vests. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed, and many women are impressed when men make the extra effort to dress up.

Rock the Turtleneck

Channel your inner Steve Jobs and rock the turtleneck. They are making a comeback, and this would a great look to wear under a vest or sweater. It will also keep your neck warm and out of the fall wind.

Invest in Statement Pieces

Everyone has an opinion so why not wear your opinion with a statement fashion piece. You could wear graphic tees with the message of your choosing, and many men have taken to wear vintage tees from sporting teams or political races.

Buy Well, Buy Once (in Outerwear)

Instead of buying a new coat every year, take the initiative to invest in quality clothing that will last you for several years. Quality is always more important than quantity. If you are able, buy your outerwear in the clearance sales to achieve the best savings. From quilted jackets to pea coats to a leather jacket, outerwear is important and offers a variety of options to fit your individual style.

Rock Color

Just because summer is over does not mean color has to go away. Fall is full of many beautiful colors included burgundy, burnt orange, grey, forest green, gold, brown, and many more. Trying pairing a colorful sweater with grey slacks, and you will become a fashion king for the day.

Have Proper Footwear

Now that fall is here, it is time to put away your flip flops and sandals and bring out your boots and loafers. Make sure your footwear is in shape from last season, and if you need to buy new shoes, now is the time to do so. Be sure to polish your shoes if necessary.

Be You

No matter what season, the most important fashion tip is to just be yourself. It is perfectly fine to ask the opinion of others, but if you find yourself unable to make a fashion decision for yourself or feeling bad about yourself after someone gives an opinion, you need to look in the mirror and realize how handsome you truly are. You will have more confidence and truly shine if you wear what you want instead of choosing what is popular. You should always stay true to yourself, and this applies to your fashion choices too.

When the cooler weather comes and you find yourself looking for pumpkin everything, take the time to invest in a few key fashion pieces that will make fall fashion a breeze. Many of your pieces can transition from summer to fall or fall to winter so do not feel pressured to buy an entire new wardrobe each season. Do not let your style fall along with the leaves!

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