8 Free Things To Do In Koh Samui

Although budget travelers still flock to Thailand, prices continue to rise. Nowadays visitors find their pockets growing thin when spending time in some areas of the country. One of the most frequently visited islands in Thailand, Koh Samui makes no exception. Luckily for us, Koh Samui offers a wide-variety of activities that you can enjoy free of cost. Let’s explore some of the many free things you can do on the beautiful island of Koh Samui.

1. Hike around Waterfalls

Numerous waterfalls dot the island of Koh Samui, most famous of which is the captivating 18-meter-tall cascade at Na Muang. You can spend whole days hiking around and taking in the natural beauty of Koh Samui’s waterfalls. Among the least visited but still impressive waterfalls in Koh Samui are:

  • Hin Lad Waterfall Temple- Surrounded by exotic flowers and coconut palms, Hid Lad Waterfall Temple offers visitors beautiful scenery and abundant hiking opportunities through the jungle.
  • Khun Si Waterfall- It’s a bit difficult to find this secluded waterfall, but those travelers who do are rewarded with spectacular views and peaceful communion with nature.
  • Tan Rua Waterfall- An easy day hike will take you to Tan Rua, also known as “Secret Falls.”

2. Picnic on the Beach

Why pay for an expensive lunch in a beachside restaurant when you can bring your own goodies for a seaside picnic at one of Koh Samui’s more secluded beaches? Try Thongtakian Beach, Laem Yai or Ban Tai Beach if you’re looking for a day away from the crowds.

3. Visit Temples

Thailand’s reputation for being the “Land of a Thousand Temples” doesn’t stop at the mainland. Koh Samui boasts some fascinating temples with free admission, including:

  • Wat Plai Laem- An enormous, eighteen armed sculpture of Quan Yin, the Chinese Bodhisattva of Compassion, graces the roof of the main temple at Wat Plai Laem.
  • Wat Phra Yai- Also known as Big Buddha Temple, Wat Phra Yai hosts a gigantic twelve-meter golden Buddha statue.
  • Wat Khunaram- This temple boasts the amazing, mummified remains of Luong Pordaeng, a local monk. Despite having died in 1973, the monk’s body has decomposed at an astonishingly slow rate in the past five decades.
  • Chinese Temple- You can spend a day visiting the Chinese Temple at Mae Nan and wander around the surrounding Chinatown part of Koh Samui.
  • Secret Buddha Garden- While it’s not a formal temple, this statue garden was lovingly made by a Buddhist farmer. You can spend the rest of the day trekking around the surrounding jungle.

4. Walk Around Street Markets

There’s nothing like a public market to immerse yourself in a culture. Koh Samui hosts quite a few street markets for you to enjoy. Try the Chaweng or Lamai Plaza markets at night.

5. Take a Free Meditation Class

Dipabhavan Meditation Center in Maret offers free meditation classes and Vipassana retreats. Accommodations, meals and classes are free of charge, but the monks welcome donations if you are so inclined.

6. Visit an Art Gallery

KoKo Gallery exhibits amazing knife paintings from Myanmar. It’s free to watch artists create intricate works of art in mere minutes.

7. See Unusual Rock Formations

The Hin Ta and Hin Yai rock formations have been immortalized in an infinite number of vacation photos throughout the years. The Grandmother and Grandfather rocks seem to take the form of genitalia. Thai pilgrims visit this site since popular Thai legend associates the rocks with fertility.

8. Take a Stroll Around Nathon Pier or Fisherman’s Village

You can relax on the dock or watch the ships come and go at Nathon Pier. Fisherman’s Village is a lovely place to do some people watching and enjoy the sunset. Both areas come alive at night with street markets.

As you can see, there are still many options in Koh Samui for budget travelers, and many of them won’t cost even one baht.

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