8 Fun Reasons to Move to Boston

An interesting medley of culture, history, and people, Boston is a unique addition to the United States. Hallmarked for its economic reform and rich culture, Boston is home to over 2 million proud Bostonians. As the city continues to grow in both capacity and appeal, many are relocating to Boston and, in turn, finding comfort in its diversity. If you’re flirting with the idea of making Boston your home, consider these fun reasons to take the plunge and become a part of an ever-expanding community. 

Next-Level Health Care

If adequate health care is what you seek, look no further than Boston. From the Boston Children Hospital to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, there are numerous top-notch hospitals unique to Boston. Applauded for its world-class health care system, Boston puts a premium on welfare. After all, the life expectancy is rising in Massachusetts, with the average Boston citizen living until 81 years old. 

Recreational Activity

A hub of lush greenery and natural landmarks, Boston begs to be explored. The city’s walkability makes that possible. Renowned for its historic walking tours, Boston is recognized as one of the best cities for walking. Twenty-seven acres of green space are currently being incorporated into the city’s main areas. As a result, residents will be able to roam from one neighborhood to the next with ease.

Seasonal Splendors

Though Florida is touted as one of the best places to live, Sunshine State residents don’t get to bask in the wonders of seasonal changes. Boston residents, however, are afforded the luxury of experiencing four distinct seasons. Thanks to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Boston’s weather remains temperate throughout a good portion of the year. Autumn is far and away the prettiest of Boston’s seasons, with red, orange, and yellow leaves cloaking park benches and quaint sidewalks.


Navigating the hustles and bustles of daily life is made easy with Boston’s transportation systems. Most prominently known for its Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority agency, dubbed the “T,” Boston makes traveling a cinch. The T offers train, bus, and subway system services. What’s more, locals have easy access to highways and airports. No matter where you find an apartment in the city, you’ll be connected wherever you go.

The Boston Common

Perhaps there’s nothing more enticing than Boston’s wonderfully spacious and spellbinding public park, the Boston Common. As the city’s first public park, the Boston Common is rich with history and allure. The Boston Common is such a historical landmark that it’s become a stop on numerous tours. Equipped with old-fashion carousels, picnic benches, and ice skating rinks, the Boston Common is as charming as it is well-known.

Abundant Educational Opportunities

Armed with top-notch suburban school districts, Boston is highly sought-after by collegiates. From Harvard and Berkeley to MIT and Boston University, Boston is home to a wealth of elite colleges. It’s for this reason why Boston’s earned the title of one of the highest-educated cities in America.

Festivities Galore

Sporting events and concerts and festivals, oh my! In Boston, there’s always something to do. Whether you fancy loud crowds or intimate gatherings, there’s never a shortage of activities. In December, there’s a beautiful tree lighting ceremony that Bostonians go gaga over. The Boston Marathon, Cambridge Science Festival, and Boston Calling Music Festival are all fun cultural activities to consider as well.

Shop Until You Drop

Faneuil Hall, Boston’s 276-year-old marketplace, offers restaurants, shops, and boutiques. Even if you don’t consider yourself a frequent shopper, it’s fun to peruse the aisles of Faneuil Hall. In Boston’s more suburban areas, you’ll find department stores and franchise shops as well.

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