8 Inspiring Reasons Your Family Should Own a Dog

Dogs are called “mans’ best friend” for a reason. They are loyal to a fault, they love unconditionally, and they are a constant companion. Whether you already own a dog or you are thinking about getting a pup, here are eight exciting reasons why having a canine friend is inspiring. 

1. They Can Improve Your Heart Health

Did you know that owning a dog might improve your heart health? It sounds crazy, but a study done at Uppsala University proves that it’s true. They examined Swedish dog owners that were between 40 to 80 years of age. After scrutinizing data from both male and female participants, they found that dog owners had an 11 percent decrease in the risk of heart disease. They also found that their risk of death from a heart condition was 33 percent less. Looks like having a pooch might add years to your life. 

2. Dogs Can Eliminate Stress

Life is stressful, but owning a pooch tends to lower your stress levels. Research has found that spending some quality time with your pup will reduce blood pressure and increase serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Spending the day with your furry friend may be the only medicine you need. 

3. Pets Help To Increase Your Immunity

Your immune system is a vital part of staying healthy. Those who have poor immunity often catch every cold and flu bug coming and going. However, a robust immune system can help you to fight off infections. The Journal of Allergy posted a study that shows that people who keep a dog inside are less likely to battle allergies than someone who doesn’t have one. 

4. They Can Give A Reason To Live

Many people struggle with empty nest syndrome and finding their purpose during the retirement years. However, having a dog around is like having a child. They need to be fed, walked, and enjoy quality time. Many people who have companionship with their dog have a reason to get up and go. It adds meaning to their life that may have otherwise been filled with loneliness. 

5. Many Dogs Can Detect Illness Before Doctors

Pets have this intuitive nature about them that allows them to observe things others cannot. Take for instance famous actress Shannon Doherty. It was her dog that first found her cancer. When he fixated and sniffed one area all the time, she knew she needed to have it checked. Doherty is just one example of a dog saving a life. What about all the dogs used in police work that help officers every day? The intuitive nature of a pet can be lifesaving. 

6. They Help To Increase Social Interaction

Having a dog opens the door for numerous social interactions. If you are walking your cute pup in the park, people can’t help but stop. You will be surprised by the number of inquiries you will get over your pooch. You may meet other dog lovers or find out all kinds of stories you would never have without your fur baby. People love dogs. A day at the park may turn into an adventure. 

7. Dogs Can Decrease Your Doctor Visits

Nobody likes going to the doctor. In fact, with the increasing prices of medical care, many cannot afford these costly trips. A study conducted found that people who have dogs go to the doctor about 30 percent less than those who have other pets. While you may enjoy snuggling with a cat or chattering with a bird, they won’t save you money in the long run. Only a dog can decrease your medical costs. 

8. They Keep You Active

Society looks for any reason to avoid exercise. When you have a dog, you must walk them, and make sure they get out in the sunshine. The benefit is that you must be with them. Those who want to stay inside and avoid fresh air may find that a dog can boost your reason to move. You can mentally list all the reasons why you don’t need to work out, but a dog gives you a nudge to get out of your comfort zone. 

If you are considering adopting a pet from your local shelter, you may find that you need that dog as much as they need you. Having a dog can be fulfilling in more ways than just companionship. The bond between man and his best friend is well founded.

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