8 Perfect Gifts for A New Mom

Being a new mother is perhaps the most beautiful experience on earth. You have a new, constant source of joy and meaning to take care of at all times. Friends of the happy new mother will be pleased to know that there are more than a few gifts that can make her day easier or brighter. New mothers are just like new babies. There’s a constant need for everyday items and even the exceptional gift or two.

1. Warm Slippers

New mothers are going to be spending many hours on their feet, and it’s natural that a pair of warm, cozy Slippers might make their new job a little easier. They can be upscale orthopedic slippers or playful plush animal slippers. Both will brighten new mom’s day.

2. Gourmet Coffee

Motherhood includes a lot of wakefulness in the early stages. Baby’s sleep patterns are all over the place, and mom often finds herself with a constant need for energy. Give her the gift of inspiring flavors of gourmet coffee. She deserves the good stuff.

3. A Book About Motherhood

Experts have been trying to help new moms for many years now, and you can give your friend or family member the gift of wisdom. Find a popular new or classic book about motherhood that will throw in all the tips you didn’t have time to share.

4. New Mom Gift Box

Subscription box services are still a big thing these days, and there won’t be a better one in all the world than a new mom gift box. It’ll be curated with all the necessities, and a few niceties, for that proud new mom.

5. Perineal ice and heat packs

New moms are often sore and stressed. Alternating ice and heat packs can be a blessing as they deal with those ongoing aches and pains of new motherhood.

6. Slow Cooker

Motherhood brings with it many new demands on time, and that can make cooking even harder. Instead of letting her give in to the temptations of fast food, make sure she has a brand new slow cooker to keep the meals coming. Pro tip: Make sure the slow cooker is programmable.

7. Crossword Puzzles

Just because a new mom isn’t old doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate the few minutes of peace she gets here and there. A book of crossword puzzles can be surprisingly calming in the early stages of motherhood. While baby is napping, she can be scanning for words in quiet bliss.

8. Digital Camera

If you’re something of a big spender, you could go all out for new mom and get her a digital camera and/or camcorder so that she can take stunning photos and video of her new baby. There aren’t many moms or dads who wouldn’t give you a big hug for a new digital camera.

A new mom is exhausted, overjoyed, in pain, and overcome with joy. Each one of these gifts helps to compliment the first stages of motherhood. Whether she’s relaxing with a good crossword puzzle, snapping new digital photos of her baby to share on social media, or getting things done in a brand new pair of fleece slippers, your new mom is going to be one happy gift recipient.

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