8 Problems With Not Living an Active Lifestyle

Unfortunately, we live in an incredibly sedentary society. This reality has a profoundly negative impact on health and can even compromise an individual’s ability to fulfill professional visions and personal goals. Learn more about the challenges that surface when an individual does not lead an active lifestyle by reviewing the information outlined below:

1. Premature Death.

One problem with not leading an active lifestyle is that it leads to premature death. As noted in Live Strong, one study found that one out of every ten premature deaths worldwide results from not engaging in physical activity. This means that failing to engage in physical activity kills almost the same amount of people as smoking!

2. Increased Risk For Depression.

In addition to functioning as a risk factor for premature death, failing to lead an active lifestyle is also linked to greater susceptibility to depression. But on the bright side, research studies are also indicating that exercise can be used as a tool for the treatment of depression. Additionally, regular exercise can even prevent periods of depression in the long run.

3. Brittle Bones.

Another downside to not leading an active lifestyle pertains to your bones. Specifically, people who don’t regularly engage in weight-bearing physical activity are more susceptible to fractures and osteoporosis as they age.

4. Increased Falls During The Golden Years.

If you’re trying to make your retirement years as incredible as possible, note that it won’t happen if you haven’t been leading an active lifestyle. As research studies have found, aging adults who aren’t engaging in regular exercise tend to experience more falls than those who do.

5. Greater Susceptibility To Illness.

Yet another debilitating factor that transpires for those who don’t exercise regularly is greater susceptibility to illness. Specifically, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services notes that individuals who don’t engage in consistent physical activity are more likely to acquire illnesses such as high blood pressure, colon cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. In addition to being linked to “major” diseases such as these, failing to exercise also increases susceptibility to “minor” conditions like the cold or flu. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that exercise increases the speed with which the individual’s white blood cells operate. This reality may play a role in flushing bacteria from the body.

6. Increased Risk For Weight Gain And Obesity.

Obesity is currently an epidemic in America, with roughly 30% of the population having the condition. Luckily, exercise is a medium that can be used to optimize the weight maintenance and weight loss processes. However, individuals who fail to exercise do not attain this health benefit and thereby put themselves at an increased risk for both weight gain and obesity.

7. Compromised Self-Esteem.

Another problem that surfaces when an individual does not maintain an active lifestyle is compromised self-esteem. As many health coaches and fitness experts know, there is a direct correlation between regular physical activity and self-esteem. Specifically, exercise promotes high self-esteem by increasing an individual’s awareness of and mastery over the body while also improving its physical appeal. Individuals who do not engage in physical activity fail to attain these benefits and can even compromise their self-esteem due to the lethargy and “frumpy” or “uneven” appearance that failing to exercise can engender.

8. Flexibility Issues.

One final problem that results from not leading an active lifestyle is flexibility issues. When muscles are stretched out over and over, they become toned and shapely. The end result is that both the muscles and the tendons surrounding them become more flexible. Flexibility is always to be desired because it empowers you to twist, bend, and pick things up with greater ease.

Start Leading An Active Lifestyle Now!

If you’re serious about leading the best life possible, it’s important to know that exercise should be a central component of your lifestyle. As made plain by the information outlined above, failing to maintain an active lifestyle can lead to a wide range of mental and physical challenges that compromise your quality of life. With this idea in mind, make sure that you commit to exercising regularly so you can lead an extraordinary life!

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