8 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Event Venue

Holding an event allows people to connect with each other directly. Those who are looking for a place to hold the event they want should take into account many factors while they begin their search. Specific questions such as kind of catering options available, ease of transport to the location as well as the number of people attending are all crucial when choosing any event venue. 

Basic Amenities

Now is the time to think about the kinds of amenities needed for the event. It should be clear how big the area is, how many tables and chairs can be used if needed and if there are spaces like a stage or podium for people to speak those in attendance. Any event venue manager should be able to provide the answers to these questions. 

Entertainment Possibilities

In many cases, people who are organizing an event venue want to entertain their guests. The venue should be a space where such entertainment can be easily used. For example, if the company wants to hold a concert there, the space should have acoustics that make it easy for everyone at the event to hear all musical notes. A venue may be able to transform the space in order to accommodate such requests and make it easier for entertainers to get ready for the performance. 

Hours of Use

All venues have specific hours of use. It’s important to know when the venue is open for business. A place may not be open until the afternoon. Some places are not available on weekends or later in the evening. If the person is holding a party that may run late, it’s best to make this known in advance. A manager should be able to indicate if it possible to handle crowds of people who arrive early or stay late. 

The Location

It’s a good idea to know the exact location of the proposed venue. A given location may not indicate exactly where the event can take place. For example, the space may have several room for use for that event. Or may only have one or two. The space may offer access to another location such as a garden. It’s best to know these details in advance before making any plans. 

Onsite Catering

Food is an important component of a successful event. Find out exactly what food can be served at the location. Many companies offer onsite catering that makes planning an event easier. If guests have specific needs such as gluten free meals, find out if the site can help provide them. 

Number of Guests

The number of guests is another important consideration. It’s best to get a head count before the event. All locations only allow a certain number of people to be present. The location manager should indicate how many people are acceptable before the event begins. A larger group will need a much larger space with seating opportunities and a certain number of bathrooms as the event continues. 

Staffer Help

Think about the kind of assistance needed during the event. Guests generally need help with specifics such as finding the venue and locating the seating they want. Other services may needed as well. For example, many companies have a program they want to hand people about the event. A location may have staffers who can help create the program and then hand it to guests as they come inside. They may have people on staff who can assist with this task or they may allow users to bring in other people to do this for them. 

Transportation Access

Getting to the event is much of the planning for it. Any location should have many ways to get there. Ask about parking facilities. There might be onsite parking or there may be a nearby location that lets people park their cars. Locations in a big city may be close to public transportation options such as buses and subways. Examine the ways that people are going to get to the event before deciding to book that location. A venue owner can help the planner figure out such important details.

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