8 Tips for Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

When you have decided you want to propose to your significant other, you will no doubt feel a great deal of nerves and excitement. Popping the question is one of the biggest, most important things a person can do in their lifetime. However, are you prepared to buy your beloved the perfect engagement ring? There are plenty of aspects to think about when it comes to ring shopping. After all, you want to make sure you buy her the best one for her. There are eight key steps you can take to finding the perfect engagement ring.

1- Determine How Much to Spend

Unless you’re considerably wealthy, you probably have a budget for your spending. Buying an engagement ring is certainly no exception, especially considering that they can come with high price tags. However, at the same time, unless you’re thinking of popping the question at the spur of the moment, you have probably planned your proposal for some time and saved money to buy a ring. Depending on your finances, you may have a certain cost range in mind for an engagement ring. Don’t fall into the cliché trap of using three months’ worth of your salary to buy one. Remember also that just because a ring is pricier doesn’t mean it’s any better or has any bearing on your relationship.

2- Choose a Diamond Shape

Diamond shape is very important when you are planning to propose. You want to ensure that you know what shape your soon-to-be fiancee prefers. Consider things she might have said in the past and the jewelry she wears. You can also talk to a close girlfriend of hers to see if they’ve ever discussed diamond shapes. It’s also important to keep in mind that the shape or cut also determines the price of the ring. Those with round diamonds are usually the most expensive while pear and marquis are cheaper.

3- Decide on Carat Size

Carat size is also important. Carat size actually refers to the weight of a diamond and not its size. Of course, the higher the carats, the pricier the ring. However, you should also keep in mind that a greater carat size doesn’t necessarily mean a better quality diamond.

4- Choose a Metal for the Band

The metal that makes up the band of an engagement ring is also important. Does your beloved prefer the color gold or silver? Maybe she has a preference for rose gold? If she likes silver and you can afford a platinum band, you might want to opt for that. Otherwise, choose white gold. You may even want to have smaller diamonds or other gemstones embedded in the band.

5- Know Her Ring Size

You must also know the ring size of your significant other. This helps when you propose so that she can comfortably wear the engagement ring when she says yes. If you don’t know the right size, ask a family member or friend of hers for that information.

6- Choose the Right Cut

The cut of a stone refers to its proportions and angles and affects its brilliance. A diamond that has a good cut has facets that resemble mirrors and white light that is reflected both internally and externally. Both of these aspects affect the shine of the gem.

7- Consider the Clarity

The clarity of a diamond is also important. It dictates the overall quality of the stone. The grading system includes flawless (FL), internally flawless (IF), very very slightly included (VVS), very slightly included (VS), slightly included (SI) and included (I). FL and IF are the most rare and expensive. SI and I should be avoided because they are poor in quality.

8- Choose a Color

Finally, you should choose the right color diamond. If your significant other is a traditionalist, she would probably prefer a white diamond. However, there are other colors, such as pink, yellow and blue, which are rarer and certainly stand out more.

These are the top eight tips on how to pick the perfect engagement ring. Once you have mastered all of these things, you’ll get to enjoy the big moment of popping the question to your true love.

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