8 Tips For Using Frames To Elevate Your Art

Art is one of life’s greatest joys. Art is an excellent way to add something special to a space. If you have lots of art in your home or you’re someone who works in the arts, you’ll want to use frames to help elevate your art even further. There are many innovative ways to show off your favorite items and bring them to a whole new level. 

Add Detail 

Frames can be used to add lot of interesting detail. Any picture benefits from the use of a frame with lots of different aspects to it that catch the light. An ornate frame can be used as a contrast to a relatively simple picture. A frame that is plain but elegant can also be used to help show off a picture with lots of varied color and plenty of detail. Contrast can help any picture feel more part of the overall room scheme decor plan and add a welcome sense of unexpected movement. 

Bring in Color 

Color is the foundation of any plan for any room. Think about the color wheel. It demonstrates how colors interact. A frame can be used to produce the same effect. For example, if the predominate hues in the picture are tones of blue, a blue frame can add harmony. To add contrast, look to other side of the color wheel. Vivid shades of tangerine and orange help that picture stand out even more. 

Consider Depth 

All aspects of the art should be thought about carefully. One of the most important is the depth of the artwork. A basic photograph benefits from a frame that allows it to lie flat against the wall. Think about experimenting with frames with more space. A shadowbox can be used to great effect to show off some of your favorite items and turn them into art. 

Different Sizes

Just as pictures vary in size, the same can be said of frames. Different sized frames add much to any room. A series of small frames can bring the eye upwards. This makes them a good choice along the stairs. Thicker, larger frames can be placed in any room and help add heft and a much desired focal point. Use several sizes in a single space to give it something interesting and out of the ordinary. 

Do it Yourself 

If you don’t see something you like from a store, there is another option. You can order it custom from a specialist. You can also make your own. Think about what you like best in a frame and use that for inspiration. Almost anything can serve as framing material from slats of wood to metal. Protect your favorite pictures with at least a pane of glass. This way, they don’t get wet or dirty. 

Luxurious Gilding

Gilding is an ancient artform that involves add valuable metal to any plain surface. You can bring in the bling with frames that have a touch of gold, silver or bronze. Gilded surfaces catch the light and add lots of fun luxury. This is an excellent way to bring in something that speaks of upscale without the need to spend a lot of money. 

Mix Periods 

Art has evolved, changed and evolved again. The artwork of the Renaissance may bear little resemblance to the latest post-modern piece. Much the same is true of the way that art is framed. Avoid thinking you have to stick to a certain period of time when finding frames. Art deco frames from the nineteen-twenties can be mixed with the more streamlined curves of the mid-century modern period. Using different frames from different time periods adds that extra bit of charm and fascination to any grouping of artwork. 

Tell a Story 

Telling a story is one goal that many artists share. Use frames the same way. A series of frames of photographs of your children can change with them as they grow. Use frames with playful themes for your children when they are young. As they mature, frame the photographs with more mature versions. Adding different frames for different times in your children’s lives has another benefit. It makes it easy to see approximately how old they were when it was taken.

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