9 Benefits of Having a Stairlift at Your Home

According to research done by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), at least 90 percent of people who were polled said they wanted to stay in their homes as they age. Only four percent said they’d rather go to a relative’s home, and only nine percent said they’d like to move to a facility that provides care. This is a staggeringly large percentage of people who would rather do whatever it takes to make their home more accessible and livable as they age instead of leaving.

One of the biggest snags in any plan to stay at home is the fact that there are stairs in the home. Stairs present problems for many older people, and for people of all ages who have limited mobility. People can develop mobility issues due to knee and leg issues, chronic conditions like arthritis, or injuries from accidents. One of the best ways to make the home friendlier for people with mobility challenges is to install stairlifts. This way, a person can continue to get from one floor to another effortlessly and safely.

There are some very compelling and convincing benefits to having a stairlift or several stairlifts installed in a home today. One of the biggest benefits is accident prevention. Falls are a leading cause of injury and death of older persons, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Here are the nine best benefits of stairlifts:

1- Saving Money
Installing stairlifts is cheaper than trying to remodel a home, adding extra rooms on the ground floor, installing an elevator, or trying to create a complete living space on the lower level. Most stairlifts today are affordable, convenient, they take less time than remodeling, and they’re easy to install

2- Indoor and Outdoor Lifts

Lifts are available that can be placed inside the home or outdoors as needed. Some homes may have stairs leading to the front entrance of the home, or going up to a deck, porch or patio

3- Offer Independence
Stairlifts gives people back their independence when they know they can get to any level of the home effortlessly. Since many older adults and those with mobility issues prefer to stay in their homes, stairlifts provide a good solution

4- Preventing Falls and Injuries
As a safety measure, stairlifts offer a lot of quality for the investment. Slips and falls are more prevalent as people age, Stairlifts can help prevent them

5- Not Much Room Needed
Stairlifts don’t need a lot of room to be installed and they can be installed quickly. They come in two main styles, curved and straight. They are perfect for homes with tight stairway areas and for homes with more expansive stairways

6- Sitting or Standing Lifts
Today, people who are investing in stairlifts have a choice between a sitting lift style and standing lifts. Standing lifts are good for people who have trouble bending their knees and getting into a sitting position, like those with severe arthritis or knee and joint issues. Extra safety features are built in to prevent falling on standing lifts

7- Batteries Add Convenience
Many lifts today feature batteries that can be used when power goes out, providing extra security and confidence. The backup battery is always charged and ready for use

8- Quiet Motors and Remote Controls
Motors are quieter than ever in stairlifts, and accessories like remote controls add extra convenience. If more than one person needs to use the stairlift, it can be summoned using the remote, ensuring that no one becomes stuck on one level of the home

9- Confidence Restored
Stairlifts help people to avoid becoming depressed due to mobility challenges. Depression is common in older adults and can be linked to other things like memory issues and sleep problems

For many people, just being able to stay in their own home in familiar surroundings with their own things enhances quality of life, especially as people age. Stairlifts can keep people confident enough to stay home, where they want to be. Stairlifts may be worth looking into.

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