9 Clever Ways to Find the Perfect Dress for Bridesmaids

You want your bridesmaids to look great on your wedding day, but it’s a daunting task to get all of them to agree on a dress. One poll showed that 61 percent of brides fight with their bridesmaids about the dress! It might seem impossible to find a dress that everyone can be happy about, but with the right planning, you can avoid those dreaded arguments about cost and style.

1. Plan Early
Bridesmaids dresses shouldn’t be an afterthought. They’ll be in your wedding pictures, after all! Before you settle on decorations and the overall aesthetic of your event, start picking your dresses. You might find a color that completely changes what you want for your wedding.

2. Ask for Opinions
There are two reasons a bridesmaid says she hates a dress. Either the dress doesn’t look good on her or it’s too expensive. You want your bridesmaids to be happy because they’re an important part of your day. Get your maids together and ask them what kind of dresses they’d like and what they can afford. Be up front and let them know they may have to compromise. They’ll appreciate you cared about their wants, and you’ll have an idea of what to look for with dresses.

3. Discuss your Vision
Your bridesmaids will be more understanding about what you want if they actually understand what you want. Show them your dress and share your Pinterest boards. Whether you’re going for a super romantic and classic vibe or a more modern and chic wedding, giving your maids insight into your taste will help get them on board for type of dress you want them in. If anyone starts criticizing your plans, it could be a hint of things to come.

4. Enlist Help
Picking bridesmaids dresses isn’t a task you should do by yourself. Get your maid of honor to flip through some catalogs with you. She can even run pictures and ideas past your other bridesmaids. This keeps you from having to deal with criticism which, when you’re planning a wedding, can be too much. Your maid of honor can relay the other maids’ thoughts to you without any feelings getting hurt.

5. Think about the Weather
Don’t torture your bridesmaids with short skirts and sleeveless dresses in the middle of January! It won’t ruin any pictures or any special moments on your big day if you let your maids wear a shawl or a jacket because the air conditioner is blasting in your reception hall. Plan for temperature extremes so no one needs to do the chicken dance in a groomsman’s tuxedo jacket.

6. Give them Options
If you give your bridesmaids too many choices, don’t be surprised when everyone picks something different. There is no such as thing as decision overload. The key here is to narrow the list down to one or two options. Really, you’ve done most of the choosing, but your bridesmaids still feel like they made the last big choice.

7. Let Them Pick Their Own Dress
On the other hand, brides nowadays are bucking the tradition of matching dresses. If you don’t mind your maids looking unique, consider allowing them to pick their own dress (from a pre-selected list) and simply have them dyed to match. However, if you’re picky about the exact hue, you’ll have to order your dresses at the same time from the same company. That way you know for sure that the colors will be the same.

8. Do the Fitting Right
Once you have some ideas about the dresses, set up a day when all of your bridesmaids can get together for a fitting. To make the fitting better, make sure they have the right underwear and that they wear heels. They’ll be able to see exactly what the fit of the dress is, this way.

9. Compliment your Bridesmaids
Remember–your bridesmaids want to look good in your pictures, too. Make sure to compliment them sincerely on how they look in the dresses. Be specific about how the dress makes them look. Say things like, “this color brings out your eyes,” and “this dress makes your legs look great.” Happy and confident bridesmaids will make you a happy and confident bride!

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