9 Common Misconceptions About Wearing Compression Socks

Years ago, compression socks may have been extremely unwieldy; however, the biggest complaint has always been that they’re not exactly fashionable. Because of that, people have always tried to avoid using them in many social circumstances.

However, if you haven’t had a look at them over the past few years, then you might be surprised by what’s actually on offer. While some misconceptions may have been through, there are an awful lot that are now just myths.

Myth 1: They’re Ugly

This may have been through a number of years ago, but in the last few years compression socks have become a whole lot more fashionable. Because of the rise of premium brands in the compression sock niche, they’ve become a lot better looking than they used to be.

Due to the amount of effort that’s been put into how they look, many of them have come into style and can actually help to complement an outfit.

Myth 2: They Don’t Fit Right

This is another one that may have been through years ago, but that went away several years ago. Instead of being the ill-fitting garments from decades ago, many manufacturers have put extensive research into legs so that they can create better fitting compression socks for their customers.

Myth 3: You Don’t Need to Wear Them During Summer

This myth may be down to the fact that many people associate the symptoms of many diseases that compression socks treat with Winter. However, it’s been shown that many of these diseases – such as spider veins – don’t care about what season it is.

Because of that they can do just as much damage, if not more so, in the summer months. With that in mind, you’ll be a lot better off if you use compression socks as normal during the summer months.

Myth 4: They’re Too Hot for Summer

Speaking of summer, many people feel that compression socks are too warm for summer; because of that, many believe that they’re just too uncomfortable to wear during the hotter months. They’re supposed to be able to let air through them naturally, but a number of companies have made sure that their socks are a lot more comfortable during the summer months.

With that in mind, this is becoming more and more of a myth as time goes on; at the current rate this is already a terrible excuse not to wear them, but it won’t be used for much longer.

Myth 5: They’re Impossible to Put On

Again, this is another issue that people might have had a number of years ago. However, the key is using the proper technique and you’ll have no issues putting them on. On top of that, many manufacturers have made their own stockings as easy to put on as possible. Because of that, they’re a whole lot easier to actually get on than the ones that you might be used to.

Myth 6: They Cut Off Blood Circulation

This may have been the result of confusion from how to properly put them on. However, compression socks don’t actually cut off blood circulation when you’re using them. Instead, a reduction in blood circulation may be the result of bunched up or improperly sized compression socks.

Once they’re on properly, then they’ll work properly which means that they won’t actually cut off any blood flow while you have them on. While they can be used for blood circulation problems, they don’t have any negative effect on your blood flow, unless they’re not used properly.

Myth 7: They’re Too Hard to Use

This is the most common go-to excuse for many people, even if it isn’t the actual issue. However, if you’ve used compression support hose in your earlier years then you might remember how difficult they were to put on. However, as the overall design of them has improved so has how user friendly they are. Because of that, they’re a lot easier to use than you might remember.

Myth 8: They’re Expensive

Nobody wants to spend too much on anything, especially if they feel that they’ve only got a minor problem. When compression stockings were first released, this might have true, although it certainly isn’t the case now.

These days, there’s more competition in the market, meaning that overall prices have come down as their quality has improved.

Myth 9: They Can Get Rid of Varicose Veins

While many of the other busted myths have been turned into positives, this unfortunately isn’t one of them. There’s an awful lot of confusion around this, but many studies have shown that instead of getting rid of varicose veins, they simply slow down their development and provide support.

Because of that, you sadly won’t end up getting rid of those unsightly veins anytime soon.

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