9 Instant Ways to Spice Up the Company Christmas Party

If you are in the process of planning a holiday party for yourself and the people who work in your office, you probably want to make sure that everyone has a good time. Even though office parties can sometimes be known for being quite boring, this does not have to be the case at your party at all. Consider these tips if you would like to spice things up and make sure that everyone has a good time.

1. Consider Hosting it Off-Site

First of all, if you are thinking about hosting the company holiday party at the office, you may want to think again. Even if you have plenty of space for everyone to gather and have fun, you have to think about how the mood could be affected by having the party at work. Instead, consider hosting it off-site at a banquet room, restaurant or other venue. If you shop around, you should be able to find an affordable venue, and you can help ensure that people are able to get into the mood to enjoy the party rather than just thinking about work.

2. Add a Theme

Coming up with a theme for the party is a good way to instantly make things more interesting. Then, you can come up with great decorations and more to go along with the theme. There are tons of theme ideas online, or you can have everyone in the office vote on their favorite theme idea. This can help everyone get involved and can help you ensure that you choose a theme that everyone will love.

3. Plan a Gift Exchange

People love giving and receiving gifts during the holidays. To make the party a lot of fun, you could consider planning a gift exchange. You could always shake things up to make things more interesting, such as by encouraging everyone to bring a wrapped gag gift to exchange.

4. Turn it into a Costume Party

Few things say “party” quite like a costume, and you don’t have to just enjoy costumes on Halloween, either. You could turn your office party into a costume party — such as an ugly sweater party, which are very popular nowadays — to help get everyone into the mood to have a good time.

5. Come Up with Fun Games

The last thing that you probably want is for everyone to sit around bored while at the party. To help prevent this, consider coming up with fun seasonal games for everyone to play. There are a ton of party game ideas that can be found online that can be a blast for office parties.

6. Offer Hot Beverages

A holiday party is the perfect place to serve tasty hot beverages. Along with serving the traditional coffee, you may also want to offer up apple cider and hot cocoa. To make things a little different than the typical morning cup of Joe that everyone might have at the office, consider offering tasty and decadent toppings, such as whipped cream and crushed-up peppermints. You can even create a hot beverage bar with a bunch of different toppings so that everyone can experiment and come up with tasty concoctions.

7. Serve Up Tasty Food

Of course, it’s probably not going to be much of a party without tasty food. Consider having appetizers or even a full meal catered by a local catering company; then, no one will have to worry about putting the work into preparing the meal.

8. Pass Out Party Favors

It’s always a good idea to pass out party favors or gift bags to those who attend the party. Adding simple and small seasonal gifts can keep things affordable and simple while still being a lot of fun.

9. Hire Some Entertainment

It’s probably not going to be much of a party without some entertainment. From production events to DJs, there are several ways to add fun twists to old holiday classics that will make any party more festive than before.

As you can see, if you are worried about your upcoming company Christmas party being boring, you really do not have anything to worry about. If you follow these tips, you can help ensure that the shindig is a ton of fun for everyone who is in attendance.

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