9 Key Uses of a Kiosk Printer

Kiosk Printers exist in different types depending on the technology of operation and model. Regarding technology of service, there are three types of kiosk printer, which are ink jet, laser, and thermal printer. A kiosk printer presents opportunities and challenges as well. Challenges are contributed by paper prints failure and maintenance demand. For example, jammed printers must be unjammed by operator so that they function properly. If it is not the case, then there must be another printer for backup. Also, printers support the monitoring status of jam, low paper, and out of paper. However, the status is not always implemented. Furthermore, the larger part of the printer maintenance is usually done by the lobby personnel and ticket agents. Whichever the case, kiosk printers are still useful devices in the business industry.

1- In one sense, kiosk printers function like cash. The device is found in the retail shop, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, and schools. It is the device for daily business transactions. It used by the person on the customer front desk to issue a receipt to a client who paid for services or products.

2- Kiosk printers are good Return on Investment (ROI) metric. The prints are the representation of a complete or closed business transaction. From the prints, a person can evaluate the profit and losses received from an already closed business deal.

3- Modern kiosk printers are used to speed the business transaction because they support Ethernet connection. They also support wireless and Bluetooth protocols.

4- A kiosk printer that uses laser technology is suitable for scanning a drum of unique materials. The scanned document is of high quality and excellent resolution. It is also possible to perform colored printing with laser kiosk printers.

5- A kiosk printer is used to print wider documents. However, this function will depend on the type of kiosk printer chosen. The best printers for the function are the laser kiosk printer and ink jet kiosk printer. Choosing from these two is determined by the cost constraints and available space. Laser kiosk printer has precise graphics and produces clear printing of documents. Choosing jet kiosk printer over laser printer will depend on the size of the printing paper. It is common with letter size or A4 papers.

6- The kiosk printer can be used to print documents in black and white format. Again, the function depends on the type of printer chosen. The best kiosk printer for a black and white format is thermal. With thermal kiosk printer, it is easy to get faster printing process. Thermal kiosk printer is very reliable and has few moving parts. It does not have issues such as delay of the first print out and warm-up time.

7- Kiosk printers are used to print business tickets, which are used in various fields such as bank agencies, information kiosk, and multimedia. They are fast, portable, and reliable. Therefore, they are the perfect devices for business activities that involve field work. The typical size of the paper printout for business tickets is 60mm.

8- Apart from receipts and tickets, kiosk printer is used to print business records. The device produces hard and continuous seismic records that can be converted into digital format depending on the customer request. Also, hospitals preferred the printer because it creates records of good quality.

9- Kiosk printer is used to print labels and brands that are in demand for shipping. However, the design of the brand or label depends on the specifications of the shipping company. The brand printout is different from the label because it has a lot of decorations. The design of the label print out is simple and direct.

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