A Guide to Overcoming Your Weaknesses and Fears

Each person has something they are afraid of and quite usually that thing stops them from many amazing things they can do in life. If you’re afraid of the public and judging, for example, you’re already missing a lot of fun, and this is probably one of the most common fears. You can always make it better and overcome those things that are stopping you, you just have to know how.

Becoming Stronger Surpassing Obstacles

  1. Accept that something is wrong.
    Acceptance is probably something that you put in the first place. This is the toughest step for so many people as it means that you see and agree that there is a problem. And the problem actually needs a solution. You have to remember that there is nothing wrong with having a fear, being weak and as long as you’re working on it, you’re good.
  2. Try to understand where the fear comes from.
    It’s not always just the fear itself like if you don’t like speaking in public, it might be the fear of looking odd and being judged. It might be something deeper than it seems at first, so you need to spend some time just thinking about where it comes from. A lot of women are unsuccessful in their relations, and they’re afraid of being cheated on, but it’s more like the fear of not being enough and low self-esteem.
  3. Start noticing it in your daily life.
    Observe it, study it. This is the crucial step and you have to raise some motivation to battle your fear. Start noticing how much fun and life it takes away from you.
  4. Walk towards it.
    This is pretty much like the acceptance, you have to make sure you’re not judging yourself for having the fear. Separate yourself from it, understand it’s not you, but this feeling, this bad emotion inside.
  5. Be rational and thoughtful.
    Try to come up with the list of things you can do to work on the fear. Baby steps, try to speak up and build up to something more challenging.
  6. Write down the progress.
    This will be a nice idea to have a journal where you can put it all. This will remind you or how much you’ve accomplished.
  7. Set the goals.
    Goals are fun and you’ll have something to strive to and this will let you focus on your destination point.
  8. Come up with a rewards system.
    This is quite helpful for many people and you’ll be able to motivate yourself. There will be times when you’ll feel low and will want to give up, but there is no use to actually losing your spirits. It’s nice to think of those things beforehand and make up a plan when you’ll feel low. It’s only you who knows how to motivate yourself better.
  9. Remember that the work never stops.
    You’re never really done once you set this goal of overcoming your fears and becoming a better person. There is always more, and the progress and the understanding how much you’ve done will make you move forward constantly. So you have to keep in mind that there is no certain end for this, always some room for improvement.

This is a challenging process and you might also need some backup system or some support from your friends and family. It would be a good idea to tell them what you’re planning and emphasize the importance of it to you and they will offer you some moral support and care.

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