About Us

Hello, visitor! We are SouthEnd Press – a magazine that you need if you want to know everything first. We work day and night to get the best news, articles, and announcements for you. There are so many interesting things happening around, and not all the people know about them. You don’t want to miss anything exciting, right? We don’t either, that’s why we decided to unite as a team and entertain people.

Our Team

The team is divided into three groups: writing, editing, and posting. The writers search for information and write about the most interesting things they can find. They choose the style in which our magazine speaks, and the material that is going to be in it. The editing sub-team checks the articles for mistakes, searches for more information if necessary, and approve articles. The posting part of the team arranges media content for the news and articles, posting them later with the text.

All the groups are working one after another, and before the article is posted, they all look at it and give their opinions. We think it’s the best way to run a magazine, and if there are misunderstandings or argues about the look of the article, the editor in chief decides whether anything has to be changed.

How You Can Help

The best help from you would be reading our articles, as we are committed to what we do. You can also help by letting us know what you think of our magazine. Please, write us messages about the articles we post, what you liked or disliked. Tell us what to do to improve or what subject you want highlighted in the next article. Send us your ideas, and we will write a beautiful post on your topic, giving you sufficient information on it.

We will be waiting for you on our website every day!