Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Internet Speed?

The internet is bound to move slower depending on the time of day and use. However, there is a difference between a sporadic slowing of the internet and something that happens regularly.

Do you want to get the most out of your internet speed?

We have five tips that can help save you time and increase your internet speed at the same time.

1) Create A Benchmark

The first thing you should do, is check your internet plan. Sometimes the company will mess with your internet because they want you to upgrade your plan. It happens a lot more than you think. It has happened to us and others more than once.

Your internet plan might not be as valuable as you once thought. You could be paying for bad internet service disguised as good service. You can check your internet speed at Your service is good if the test shows close to what you pay.

You might have to advance to an upgrade if recommends one. We only suggest you do not advance to any upgrade because the company bullies you into one.

2) Reset Your Tech

The next thing you can do is reset. Try doing that before you start blaming the company for something that might not even be their fault. Turn everything off for a bit and then turn it back on.

Sometimes something is going on with the hardware. The small pieces of your computer and router are made by special measuring machines, but they’re fragile and can break easily. That is why a “universal fix” is sometimes a necessary evil. The issue might not even be with the modem or router. Check the other computers in the house to find out. There is a problem with the modem or router if everyone else’s computers are messed up too. Is it only happening to yours? Then, there has to be something with your computer connection.

We have seen it where one computer has a problem and everyone else in the house is great.

3) Upgrade Equipment

Say you have a fiber connection than can hold close to 1,000 Mbps. That is not going to work if your router is from the dark ages. One reason why you might be getting the most out of your internet speed is due to outdated technology.

4) Eliminate Interferance

Your signal might be weak. It happens where everything in the house has a strong connection and the WiFi is very weak. Weak WiFi can cause you to lose connections too.

WiFi can be such a complicated issue that we have a complete section devoted to that alone.

There are some apps you can download to check your connections. These apps will also check your router to see how that is holding up. Yes, to answer your next question, they are all free.

5) Check Bandwith

You should check your bandwidth. Sometimes we use more energy than we should. Every bandwidth has its limitations. You might have gone past yours. There is no reason to freak out over the issue. There is always a solution to the problem.

One Final Note

You might also want to check your mobile phones for their connection status. Mobile phones have reportedly experienced data throttling.

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