Best Motivational Speeches In Movie History

Whether you are looking for pure escapism or inspiration to examine your life, movies can fill you with hope, inspiration, and encouragement. When characters strive to accomplish a goal, defeat their antagonist, and overcome adversity, you vicariously feel the journey they are going through as if it is your own.

According to Washington University Professor of Psychology Dr. Jeffrey Zacks, the mirror neurons in your brain signal your emotions to react to what you observe. Even though the challenges on-screen are fictional, the character’s victories and perseverance help you handle your personal and professional setbacks.

To help you believe in yourself against all the odds, movies are a perfect resource for unique insight. Drawing on how characters find courage and determination, you can discover ideas to tackle struggles, contribute to your community and enhance your life. From sports and action films to political satire, here are five best motivational speeches that will inspire you every day.

Independence Day

On the 4th of July, a group of soldiers and pilots in the United States are joined by foreign leaders and military service members around the world in the largest battle against extraterrestrials in history. Beyond ethnicity, social background, personal beliefs, and political lines, President Thomas J. Whitmore delivers a rousing speech before humanity sacrifices everything to help each other survive and thrive. Whatever battles you are facing in your own life, it’s hard to resist Whitmore’s conviction or walk away from feeling that nobody should go down without a fight.

Dead Poets Society

At an all-male elite prep school in “Dead Poets Society,” a group of students struggles between choosing the path their parents or society wants for them versus the what they want. English teacher John Keating teaches his young students that art and life are an expression of self, and without it, life ceases to be truly fulfilling. In one of actor Robin Williams’s most inspiring roles, his poignant character reminds us that life is not meant to be wasted on trivial pursuits. Carpe diem. Seize the day.

Remember the Titans

Whether in sports, business or on the battlefield, peers have to trust each other in order to achieve true success. Set in the early 1970s, African American head coach Herman Boone is hired to join Caucasian coach Bill Yoast in leading their integrated high school team to victory. When the students refuse to work together during summer training, Boone leads them towards a cemetery near Gettysburg. His speech sets a perfect example of what we can learn from each other when we look past appearances and see the true person underneath.

The Great Dictator

When the world spirals into an unequal and unfair direction, you can rise above prejudice and inaction. On the cusp of World War II in the 20th century, iconic silent film star Charlie Chaplin takes a stand against injustice in the political satire in “The Great Dictator.” Portraying both a Jewish private and a ruthless dictator, Chaplin makes a plea for harmony and generosity against the system’s cruel structure of greed. His eloquent speech targeting the dangers of disconnection from humanity from division in politics and morals inspires us to strive for unity against tyranny and oppression.

Any Given Sunday

When the chips are down and it’s hard to find your way out, you have to look inside yourself to keep going. Sometimes giving up is not an option. Head coach of the Miami Sharks, Anthony “Tony” D’Amato, initially doesn’t know how to motivate his frustrated team from a sizable defeat. Line by line he delivers one of the best motivational speeches in film history. If you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do, give D’Amato’s rallying cry a shot. Give it everything you’ve got and fight your way out of a loss inch by inch.

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