Best Shooting Products to Accompany You at the Range

Many people think of ranges in a fairly unidimensional way. In reality, there is much more than just a target and gun. There are many shooting accessories that can add some excitement and fun. Here are six shooting products to accompany you at the range.

Rifle Rests

Rifles are among the most popular weapons to shoot at ranges. However, these large weapons are difficult to handle for extended periods of time. Not only the weight of the rifle, but the action from the shooting takes a toll on our muscles and joints. Rifle rests can help solve this issue by allowing the gun to rest on a mount instead of our bodies. This provides our arms a rest while prolonging the time we can enjoy the range. These rifle rests can be found at online retailers or large stores.

Shooting Gloves

Shooting a gun isn’t the most comfortable experience in the world. The recoil and vibrations can cause stress in the hands and wrists. Shooting gloves are designed to help take some of this pressure off. These gloves, usually constructed of leather, also help to protect against heat that develops from firing a weapon. It is easy to forget about the gun is hot after use and this neglect can result in some minor burns. Gloves help to prevent these accidents. Some gloves even come with ‘touch’ technology that makes them compatible with using a cell phone.

Shooting Goggles

Not every shooting product should be for fun and excitement. Safety is a critical component of handling firearms properly and responsibly. One of the most important pieces of safety equipment is shooting goggles. Even with the most experienced shooter, there are chances that accidents can happen. Shooting goggles help to minimize the ramifications of these possible accidents. Furthermore, there is often more than one shooter at a range. These goggles can help protect against someone else’s accidents as well. Shooting goggles are incredibly inexpensive, yet very important. In fact, a majority of shooting ranges require that all shooters wear them.

Ear Protection

Another crucial piece of safety equipment is ear protection. Human ears have a threshold of around 120 to 130 dB. As a majority of guns produce a sound reaching around 130 dB, ear protection saves shooters from potentially permanent hearing damage. Even small pistols have the ability to reach this level of sound. These shooting muffs may look a bit goofy, but it is dumber to lose hearing from a shooting range. Similar to shooting googles, hearing protection runs fairly inexpensive. These products can be purchased at a majority of ranges and are required by most.

Pop Packs

Pop packs are a fairly new shooting range product that is growing in popularity. Pop packs are shooting targets that explode, or pop, when hit. These shooting aids were developed by a Navy Seal to help improve accuracy, practice varied shooting drills and to bring a new level of fun to the range. Pop packs come in different colors and shapes to allow for unique shooting drills that require the shooter to hit a target quickly based on color or other identifiers. This is a great practice to help improve marksmanship.

Zombie Targets

A zombie apocalypse is one of the most feared and anticipated armageddons that humans have ever created. As scary as this world would be, there’s something about fighting off zombies that is fun and exciting. Taking zombie targets to the range can help bring about this excitement without having to suffer armageddon. These shooting products are often made of thick paper and provide a great target at which to aim. They come in a variety of different styles and colors. Weighing less than a pound, these zombie targets are easy to carry and don’t take up too much room. It’s also a great way to keep track of accuracy.

Shooting ranges can be a lot of fun when treated responsibly and carefully. Gloves, shooting goggles and ear protection are all great products to use for safety. Unique targets and rifle rests can help add some extra enjoyment to the process. Owners should always be consulted prior to shooting to understand which gun accessories are allowed in the range.

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